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November 2016

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Awesome Purple Thanksgiving Decor Rising up Elegant Ambiance

November 12, 2016

When you want to deliver the elegant ambiance to your dining table, perhaps you can apply the purple Thanksgiving decor ideas. Most people know that the purple tone is close to the romantic mood that usually applies for the Valentine decoration. Inspired by this idea, you can make your Thanksgiving in this year looks different with the lovely mood.

The purple Thanksgiving home decor will look more impressive if you combine it with the bright red accents come from the natural ornamentation or the dishes choice. You may utilize the purple napkin and candle and then add the red paper flowers that are spread in some spot above your wooden dining table. Add the dramatic look by arranging the red wine in your artistic wine glass and the stylish jar. However, if you want to keep your table setting looks simpler, you may only use this vibrant tone only. To avoid the monotone impression, pick out the white cutlery set and the round stainless steel candle holder.

There are many options of purple napkin and table cloths that may appeal your taste for sure. To make it look more adorable, combine this cloth application with the straw table cover and the black plate coaster made of wicker. Contrasting the purple ornamentation with the another striking color, such as the natural green from the leaves and soft pink from the roses, can add more the interesting room table setting for your dining room.

Consider to utilize the beautifully folded napkin which is arranged on your white plate. Ornament it then with the paper decor and the greeting card to make it looks more attractive. The purple accent from the fresh orchid can be the focal point for your all white table decor as well. This Thanksgiving home decor ideas is worth to realize, guys!

















Breathtaking Natural Thanksgiving Decoration Creating Good Mood

November 11, 2016

The natural Thanksgiving decoration sometimes becomes the first selection by many urban people which has the intention to create the refreshing aura than the manufactured ornamentation. Also, it may create the elegant impression too to your dining table since this decor material blends beautifully with the wooden table. Find how you can mix and match the natural ornamentation as your festival style this year.

The seasonal decor which consists of the brownish nuance combined with the fruits decor will leave the inviting look to your dining table. These natural Thanksgiving centerpieces will look lovelier if you arrange it neatly by applying the rustic wooden pieces as the furnishing. If you need a more attractive look, you are suggested then to apply the fall decor ideas. The vibrant color of ornamental plantations are managed into a circle then is installed to the ceiling by using the red ribbon. You can attach the flower with the plastic candle holder which may rise the romantic mood to your Thanksgiving decor.

Pumpkin still dominates the Thanksgiving centerpieces for this season. You can use it as one of your table setting decor through the mixing and matching it with the black canary, green flower, white roses and bright orange, small forest flower. Organize it tidily into the vintage rustic basket to get the classic look. After you do all of them, you can arrange your cutlery set around the natural ornamentation.

Refresh your dining table with the application of fresh fruit, such as the apple, lime, pomegranate, white pumpkin, etc. This fruit combination will appear the eye-catching color that may look contrast with your maroon table cloth. Add the wicker basket and broken white cotton fabric as the decoration finishing. So, which one is your best natural Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas option?




























Architecture, Interior

Airy Interior Design for Contemporary Home with Greeneries Surrounding

November 8, 2016

Bates Masi Architects has done working on this contemporary residence with airy interior design. Entitled as Qual Hill House, the airy room interior design of this home is done simply by using the white paint color generously for each room. However, the airy atmosphere is also created by establishing the connection between indoors and outdoors through the use of plenty of transparent glass element to allow the refreshing green nature surrounding incorporated indoors.

Spacious Airy Interior Design with Warm Wooden Flooring

Let’s explore this contemporary home that is located in Amagansett, New York. Walking into this home, you can find how its light, airy interior design is beautifully weighed down simply by using the wooden floor for each room, including this spacious living area. This way, the airy interior design for this home can celebrate the warm atmosphere for the more comfortable living experience. As you can see, the warmth can be delivered seamlessly due to its open floor design, which can help creating the better interaction as well. See also the choice of contemporary wooden chairs to accompany the simple white dining table.

Entering the kitchen space, you can find how the warmth provided by wood element can be enjoyed even more. It is because of the wooden ceiling design that beautifully contrasts this airy interior design perfectly. As you can see, this kitchen is also designed in surprisingly minimalist style which can make the airy atmosphere overflows easily. See also how the minimalist appearance can make the wooden texture stands out perfectly, as well the refreshing green splash seen through the glass windows.

Airy Interior Design with Strong Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Another great point from this contemporary residence is the strong connection established to allow the lush greeneries outdoors as the focal element of this home interior. You can see how the green splash offered by the greeneries can make the kitchen interior feels truly refreshing. The same impression can be spotted in this minimalist bedroom as well. As you can see, despite its minimalist interior, the airy interior design for this bedroom can celebrate the truly fresh and relaxing feeling as the glass doors allow nature is outdoors invading.











Decoration, Dining Room

Adorable Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece to Create Impressive Nuance

November 7, 2016

Before you celebrate your festival, firstly you should think about the Thanksgiving table centerpiece. It is since without the right decoration, you will leave only your dining desk with the messy look that can make your guests get the unpleasing feeling. Mix and match the natural decor with another sophisticated ornamentation to create the lovely impression to your meal table.

If you need something that will refresh your room, you surely have to use the fresh floral centerpiece like Poppies & Posies do. These Thanksgiving table centerpieces you can make will look more attractive if you combine the flower kinds with right color blending into the stainless steel vase. Add the extra leaves as the neutralizer for the floral bouquet. However, if you like more the minimalist nuance, you just need to pick out the white roses and leaves that are arrange to the black square vase to your wooden table such as the Design Sponge applies.

The preserved topiary becomes the next choice for you that may create a real foliage look. This autumn leaves have to soak in salt solution so the tone will remain colorful. Fortunately, you there is no maintenance need for this floral ornamentation. Complete it with the tiny pumpkin and artistic glass in small size to deliver the complete impression.

Adding the romantic ambiance surely intended by many couple. You may add the taper candles to furnish your Thanksgiving floral centerpiece. Combine the ornamentation with the natural root and cactus so it will be an artistic decoration. Yet, you must find the candle color that will blend lovely with the flower tone as well as the wooden pieces. Taking the benefit from the unused pumpkin for your Thanksgiving table decorations you can make is also interesting idea which may appeals the environmentally friendly issue also.





















Decoration, Dining Room

Lovely Thanksgiving Table Setting Makes Your Home Looks Gorgeous

November 6, 2016

Making the Thanksgiving table setting for your festival is also a fun thing to do. It is because the desk will be the main spot to entertain your guests with various meals and drinks. The more beautiful your table decor is then the more pleasing feeling that they may get from your invitation. Please do not hesitate to copy the decorating ideas below that will make your dining area is unbeatable.

Planning your dining desk with canary is a very smart idea. This ornamentation can give the natural ambiance to your table setting. However, you need still to color it up to the colorful painting to create a more sophisticated as well as attractive impression. Arrange your modern cutlery set in a very neat management, such as at the five star hotels to bring the pleasant feeling for the guests. The white painted pumpkin may appeal the monochromatic Thanksgiving table setting decoration ideas. The tips, you have to wrap your wooden desk with the white with gold pattern table cloth to accentuate more the minimalist look.

If you want to create the romantic mood in your dining room, you can add the fresh red roses that are put into the transparent glass vase. Complete it then with the fragrant candle to lift up the warm atmosphere. Pick up the geometric patterned table decor to attach the futuristic mood for the whole setting.

You should serve your drinks as impressive as possible also. Guys, you can give the golden ornamentation to the wine glass stirring. The wheat stalk for the napkin application will bring the natural impression as well to your table look. Perhaps you can install the artistic crystal chandelier with brown lamp shade above your dining desk to furnish more the centerpiece. Those entire Thanksgiving table setting ideas easy is really simple to apply.













Architecture, Exterior, Interior

Contemporary Home Design Providing the Truly Comfortable Place to Live

November 4, 2016

Not only displaying the impressive look, this contemporary home design in Corona del Mar, California, also shows a great way to provide the comfort for its interior. Incredibly designed by Laidlaw Schultz, this contemporary modern home design provides a cozy place to live and spend the leisure times both indoors and outdoors. Mainly employing the clean white color, this contemporary home entitled as Harborview Hills also provides charming decoration design to influent both beauty and comfort aspects.

Contemporary Home Design with Beautiful Wooden Accent

Walking into this contemporary home, you will find this ultra cozy and spacious living area. You will love the way this room is brilliantly designed to accommodate the function as gathering place. You can find it easily from its cool open floor design which creates a great connection and interaction, especially from the open kitchen and breakfast bar design that is wonderfully done to open to the TV room. As if it is not enough, this contemporary home design also features plenty of sitting space for the TV room by employing the large modern sofa.

As the living area is designed to employ the neutral color palette, you can find how the lovely wooden accent, especially for the open kitchen, can help building the warm atmosphere for this contemporary interior home design. Besides, don’t you think that this warm color can stand out easily here as the walls and ceiling are painted in clean white color? Besides, you can find this beautiful natural texture on the ceiling space too. Do you notice how this contemporary home design is done by adding small wooden beams?

Contemporary Home Design with Refreshing Outdoor Space

Another great spot to enjoy the leisure times is in this sunny outdoor poolside lounge. As you can see, this cozy space on the rooftop is perfectly designed to provide you the total privacy. Sharing the clean white exterior, this lounge certainly celebrates the fresh impression. The freshness itself is wonderfully accentuated simply by adding natural green plants to make the contemporary home design for this outdoor lounge even more perfect as a spot to enjoy the beautiful sunny days.












Artistic Thanksgiving Craft Ideas Designed with Unique Shape and Color

November 1, 2016

Thanksgiving is one of the festival kind that is celebrated by the American citizen to say thanks to God for everything good that happens to them in a full year, so in that day people start to decorate their residence by applying the attractive Thanksgiving craft ideas to make their home looks gorgeous. If you are creative enough, you can even make this house ornamentation by yourself without have to go shopping to the store. Here you may inspire through various Thanksgiving decor which surely makes your festival feels so special.

For the very first time, you should consider about ornamenting your front door. This aspect will be the first thing that will be captured by your guest right after they arrive at your living space. You can find the unused baby boy and then wrap it with the colorful paper and ropes until it forms the beautiful pattern. As the finishing, attach the flower made of the same material and the owl image to the edge of the circle. Another simple fun Thanksgiving craft ideas is using the dried pumpkin from your household waste. Paint it into all white look then arrange the colorful beads.

When you find the broken globe at your warehouse, perhaps you can utilize it too. Make it as the vase to manage the impressive natural decor. Meanwhile, the gourd vase is no less beautiful than the globe. It can blend beautifully instead with your lovely chrysene.

Decorate your house with white painted pumpkin. It will make your dwelling home looks a little bit classic. After that arrange the decor neatly and attach the black letter which makes “thanks” configuration to the surface. Find your best family fun Thanksgiving craft ideas that may appeal your decoration taste and see how your guest will amaze it so much!




















Fabulous Black and White Christmas Trees

November 1, 2016

Christmas is a special time that wanted by anybody. The bells, winter, snow, snowman, snowball, Christmas tree, Santa, and cute gift are good things that we are waiting for. Colorful Christmas tree looks very ordinary. A black and white Christmas tree is a unique choice for your special Christmas.

Decorate your family room with elegant snowy Christmas concept. Choose white frosted Christmas tree for winter effect. Choose white snowy Christmas tree decoration. Here some snowy Christmas tree decorations recommendation: silver snowflake, white crochet angel, silver glitter tree topper, frosted landscape bauble, silver mixed bauble, white snow boots, white swan hanging with Swarovski diamonds, etc.

Then, if you have prepared all Christmas tree decoration, let’s start to decorate your frosted Christmas tree! First, choose a right place to locate your Christmas tree. Hang one by one your favorite white Christmas tree decorations. After all, put the silver glitter tree topping. Use blue or white halogen lighting above right or left from the Christmas tree. Put some snowball toys beside the Christmas tree and also put your family Christmas gift box under the Christmas tree. Now you have glamour frosted Christmas tree!

If you want mystique elegant black tree, you can use deep black Christmas tree. Then décor the deep black Christmas tree with blue bright bauble, mixed silver bauble, silver and white fine cut tinsel, black piano bauble, silver and white snowflake, and big transparent crystal hanging cross ornament. Firstly, twist the silver and white fine cut tinsel in your deep black Christmas tree. Then decorate your deep black Christmas tree, with those Christmas tree decorations. Hang the big transparent crystal cross ornament in the higher place. Choose deep blue bright, silver bright, black bright, and white for gift boxes colored. Put the Christmas tree in the living room corner, under the white halogen lighting. Mystique Christmas is your own!