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December 2016

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Wonderful Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

December 18, 2016

Living room often becomes the primary place to gather with family during Christmas celebration. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to your living room. I hope the following ideas can bring great Christmas atmosphere into your living room.

The first living room has beautiful white walls. Glass windows make the living room look even brighter. There is a Christmas tree standing near the glass windows. Small Christmas ornaments in red and white colors hang on the Christmas tree. The little Christmas ornaments come in various shapes, including heart, snowman, Santa Claus, star, stocking, bell, etc. There are also a few gifts under the Christmas tree. White sofa brings great comfort in the living room. Red pillow with deer image decorates the white sofa. There is also a headband that resembles deer antlers on the couch. A white table stands in front of the sofa. White candles and red fabric Christmas tree adorn the white table.

The second picture shows a living room with traditional design. Lovely Christmas wreaths in green color hang on glass windows of the living room. A small Christmas tree is placed on top of a wood vanity. Christmas ornaments decorate the tree. The Christmas ornaments come as balls and baubles in yellow, green and turquoise blue colors. You can also find a few small gift boxes under the Christmas tree. A glass table stands in the middle of the living room. Flower and a bowl of turquoise blue balls adorn the table.

The third living room has a rustic design. There is a fireplace with a stoned wall in the living room. Small Santa Claus doll is placed on the fireplace hearth. Two small pine trees flank the Santa doll. The fireplace also has a stone mantle. A framed photo of winter scene decorates the fireplace mantle. Red candles and another Santa Claus doll flank the framed photo. There are also beautiful green pine leaves on the fireplace mantle.

Bedroom, Decoration

Captivating Ideas for Christmas Lights in Girls Bedroom

December 18, 2016

Bring the joy of Christmas celebration into your bedroom! I suggest you decorate your bedroom with Christmas lights. The lights will make your bedroom look more beautiful and attractive.

If you are a teenage girl, you may paint the walls of your bathroom with pink color. Pink will bring feminine nuance into your bedroom. For the doors, paint them with white color. Hang blue string lights on a frame of the white doors. Then, decorate your bedside table with small pink Christmas tree. Adorn the Christmas tree with small string bulbs. You may also place deer sculpture and table lamp on the bedside table. To create a more pop impression, hang the picture of your favorite artist on a wall near the bedside table.

The second picture shows a bedroom that is more suitable for older girl or woman. The bedroom has beige walls. You can feel the great warm atmosphere in the bedroom. A four poster canopy bed with curtain rods decorates the bedroom. White sheer curtains hang on poles of the canopy bed. There are also Christmas string lights in yellow color hanging on one rod of the canopy bed, creating a gorgeous look. Bedside drawers accompany the canopy bed. A vase of small plant and framed pictures adorn the bedside drawers.

If you like unique things, I think the third bedroom will be more suitable for you. Small Christmas string lights adorn one wall of the bedroom. Personal photos are clipped to the string lights, creating a very unique look. I’m sure that you can make such string lights by yourself. Then, you just need to clip your personal photos on the string lights. For your bed, you may decorate it with a sheet that has zebra pattern. Well, I hope that great joy will come to you on this year’s Christmas.


Lighting Ideas that Can Make Your Christmas Celebration More Exciting

December 6, 2016

Make your Christmas celebration to become more exciting with lighting. Lighting will be able to enlighten not only your house or room but also your heart. When looking at beautiful lighting, I’m sure happiness and excitement will arise from your heart.

If you want to decorate your house with Christmas lighting, I suggest you begin from your bedroom. Paint your bedroom walls first with black color. Black walls will be the perfect background for Christmas lighting. To create a more impressing look, you may draw or write something on the black walls by using white chalk. Then, hang small string lights on your bedroom walls. Make the string lights to hang over your bed. Choose small string lights in green, red, yellow, blue and pink colors. You may also hang a white star on your bedroom ceiling.

Room with fireplace is often used as a gathering place for Christmas celebration. So, you need to give special attention to the room with fireplace in your house. First, install white mantel on your fireplace. Then, hang pine Christmas garland with small yellow lights on the fireplace mantle. Let the Garland hangs down until the floor. You may also decorate the fireplace mantle with red flowers. Place a small Christmas tree near the fireplace. Decorate the Christmas tree with small Christmas ornaments and yellow lights. Putting a few gift boxes under the tree is also a good idea.

If you have already decorated your house interior with Christmas light, then you also need to treat the exterior. I suggest you hang a Christmas wreath with small yellow lights on your front door. You also need to outline the doorframe with yellow string lights. Then, place a light-up snowman statue near the front door for creating a more attractive appearance. You may also put light-up fake gift boxes on your porch stairs. Flank the porch with two Christmas trees with colorful strings lights. If you also decorate the ground of your front yard with string lights, it will make your house truly look amazing.


Attractive and Creative Christmas String Lights Ideas for Outdoor

December 5, 2016

Christmas celebrations will not be perfect without string lights. Christmas string lights are able to create cheerful and happy atmosphere. You may decorate the exterior of your house with Christmas string lights. By outlining your house with Christmas string lights, it will look more amazing and welcoming.

Red and white are two main colors in Christmas decorations. So, use Christmas string lights in red and white colors to decorate the exterior of your house. Hang red and white string lights on the edge of your house exterior, especially on roof sections. You may also hang red and white string lights on the frame of your garage door. Then, decorate the green trees in your front yard with yellow string lights. A light-up Santa Claus statue will enhance the appearance of your house exterior.

If you have outlined your house exterior with Christmas string lights, you may continue to decorate the plants in the front yard. If there are small shrubs in your front yard, decorate them with yellow string lights. Then, decorate the taller shrubs with colorful strings lights. The colorful strings lights will create a more attractive appearance. I suggest you adorn the tallest trees in your front yard with blue string lights. Tall trees with blue string lights will make your front yard look so beautiful.

If you have special skills, I suggest you create deer sculptures from a wire. Try to shape the wire into attractive and artistic deer sculptures. Then, decorate the wire deer sculpture with yellow Christmas string lights. You may place the wire deer sculpture in the front yard of your house. The wire deer sculpture with yellow strings lights will look very beautiful, especially at night. If you’ve been successful to create a wire deer sculpture by yourself, I’m sure you can create another sculpture from the wire.












Lovely Christmas Lanterns with Glass Enclosure and Candle

December 5, 2016

Lantern is one of the important items in Christmas decorations. People often decorate their porch with beautiful lanterns during Christmas season. A porch with Christmas lanterns will look more beautiful and welcoming. However, you may decorate any sections of your home with Christmas lanterns.

The first picture shows you a small modern Christmas lantern in refreshing white color. The white Christmas lantern has glass enclosure that allows you to see its inside. You can find a white candle in the Christmas lantern. Red deer decals stick on the glass enclosure, creating a more attractive appearance. There are small holes that form star shape on the upper frame of the Christmas lantern. I’m sure that you can find such Christmas lantern easily in stores, especially during Christmas season.

The second Christmas lantern has a traditional design. The Christmas lantern comes in black color. I’m sure that the lantern is made of wrought iron. The wrought iron lantern also has glass enclosure. There is a beautiful red candle in the lantern. Small Christmas ornaments adorn the upper frame of the lantern. The small Christmas ornaments include Santa decor, balls, fake gift boxes, fake pine leaves, striped and polka dots ribbons, etc. The Christmas ornaments come in attractive red, green and white colors.

As I have said before, Christmas lantern is often used to decorate porch. The third picture shows a porch with a Christmas lantern. I think the Christmas lantern also has the traditional design. The Christmas lantern is placed on an artistic dark pot. The lantern has a white frame with glass enclosure. There is a white candle in the lantern. Beige and red fabric ribbons beautify the upper frame of the lantern. Pine leaves adorn the bottom of the Christmas lantern. There are also a few pine cones. Well, have you decorated your porch with Christmas lantern?