Advantageous Costco Shelving Ideas to Keep Your Garage Clean and Tidy

February 9, 2016

You may have lots of carpentry tools that need Costco shelving application. To ease your life, you can have them in your garage, so later you can find it whenever you need too. But, you don’t need to worry because this kind of shelving can accommodate any kinds of items to keep your home tidy. For example is the shelving in picture one. Two black opened shelves are standing on different corner. Each of them keeps snow outdoor activity stuffs tidily. Arranged in order, you can find them easily later when you need them.

To keep your small items safe in this kind of opened shelf, you may need some baskets like what you can see in the second photo. The Costco shelving units usually provide several levels from one item. On the higher level, you can put your large-sized tools like hammer and drill. For smaller things like nails and nuts, keep them inside the baskets. Organize the baskets side by side to help you find what you need easily. For clearer examples, see the next picture too. A three-tier opened shelf with lots of kept items is presented. Several big boxes are placed, while the other small containers are arranged in tidy too.

Another example of installment is also given by picture number four. This time, a four-level opened shelf stands on a grey floor of a garage. Its black body blends very well with grey walls around the area. See how the items are stored neatly. Put your box with rare-use items higher. And put your common-use stuffs on your height. If you have enough space, you can even hang your folding stairs next to the shelf to ease you finding it later.

Last, check out this letter L shaped shelf in the fifth picture. Designed only as a two-tier shelf, this kind of storage will be a perfect item to be put in a corner of small garage. Red bricked walls and the concrete floor of the room look great. You can add another industrial working table next to the shelf if you need for the next time. Do you think those Costco garage shelving units inspire you?

attractive costco shelving design made with grey and white colors placed at spacious garage

captivating tv cabinet using gorgeous costco shelving which is painted in dark color

cool black painted wooden costco shelving installed in garage with concrete flooring

excellent costco shelving design which is made of metal element and painted in grey

fabulous costco shelving design made with diy concept and having five levels of storage

modern garage interior installed with grey flooring and wall completed with costco shelving

old fashioned garage designed with stone wall and concrete floor equipped with costco shelving

simple and easy designed metal wood costco shelving in garage with remarkable brick wall

small and neat garage completed with gorgeous costco shelving which is colored in black

spacious space of garage installed with concrete flooring and also completed with costco shelving

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