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Amazing Hotel Design Applied in Hotel Portago Urban

March 28, 2016

A bright hotel design of Hotel Portago Urban has the usual outlook which is not too bright and shiny actually. The first storey is covered by black wall and the second is white. A lamp in between the two storey are lightening the two storey at once since the lamps are able to light both upper and under of the lamps.

The first shiny room of this hotel interior design is found to be the bar. The bar is large enough with only few chairs. Some chairs are black sofas and some others are transparent modern chair. The main table of the bar is colored in white, the same color as the wall and the canopy. Behind the table, to bottles are arranged neatly. Above it, a nice writing of “nice to meet you” is created in still the same white color. The great design of the bar is in its blue shining floor. The floor combines the colored of blue and black and designed the shape of the pattern well. The pattern is quite abstract but tidy. The main shining part is under the white main table. The bar is bright and comfortable.

The bedrooms of the hotel have different but similar design. Most of them are white with the similar design to the bar. For young adult people, a white bedroom with the purple floor is appropriate. Some other bedrooms have the similar designs but different colors of the floor. Yellow and blue are the example of the other colors. Every bed of the hotel bedrooms has writings on them. This also happens in the bar. Except the bed, a bedroom has the white modern minimalist chairs and tables, televisions and log oval mirrors.

The dining room of the hotel is also elegant with the yellow light. The dining furniture is placed both indoor and outdoor so that people can chose their favorite dining atmosphere. The white chairs and yellow lights show the beautiful hotel room design which are the domination.

awesome unique hotel design with mini bar added on blue floor completed with unique ceiling beautified with lighting system

cool unique hotel interior including small restaurant with glass wall completed with wooden tables and chairs also beautified with colorful pendant lamps

fantastic modern hotel interior design including mini bar with black lounge chair and wooden table on blue floor completed with unique ceiling

gorgeous bright hotel including reception area in white concept

inspiring portago hotel interior including hall with bookshelf wall and blue floor

inspiring portago urban hotel room design including bedroom with white wall and bed combined with black table and pendant lamp added on purple floor

mesmerizing modern hotel interior including corridor with blue floor and silhouette sticker wall

mesmerizing modern hotel with dining area completed with wooden table and glass wall

outstanding blue floor bedroom of modern hotel room design with white concept and black accent on the wall

splendid bedroom of modern hotel interior with white wall and purple floor completed with black table and pendant lamps

stunning portago hotel room interior including bedroom with white wall and bed added on yellow floor

sweet bedroom of hotel portago urban room design with white wall and floor purple also white furniture and and black table and pendant lamps

sweet lounge area of portago modern hotel with wooden table and unique lamp panel

winning bedroom of modern hotel with white concept combined with black accent on the wall and table

wonderful two storey bedroom of portago urban hotel with blue floor and white concept view from the top

adorable hotel design with black and white wall completed with transparent glass windows and lighting system

amazing portago urban hotel interior design brightened with lighting system completed with unique ceiling in white concept and blue floor

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