Brown Interior Design of OZ House with Spacious Green Outdoor Space

March 10, 2016

One of attractive decoration is the brown interior design. By using brown, room will become more elegant. In this opportunity, we will also see residence with brown interior design ideas. Brown is combined with some other neutral colors such as white, beige, and grey. This OZ House project was created by Swatt Miers Architects finished in the last 2010. The house has location in Silicon Valley, California, United States.

Outdoor Environment of House in Brown Interior Design

Front facade of the house is made from the concrete and wood construction facing the wide courtyard. At this courtyard, some tall trees are grown. There are plant decorations next to stone fences. Lighting effect works well especially at night giving a sparkling house view. We can also see the brown interior design ideas through the wide glass wall. Exterior and interior have the similar building concept.

This house with brown interior design has spacious outdoor in green decoration. There is wide courtyard grown by green grass and bushes. At the other side of the house, we will find blue swimming pool among the dark brown parquet flooring. Smaller pool is also built in white tiles. This is leisure area where the residents can enjoy the outdoor weather. Some lounge chairs are placed there too. This garden can be our inspiration in making green environment.

Exploring the Brown Interior Design

As we get inside the house, there is brown interior design living room in high ceiling concept. The room is bright because a lot of wide glass windows are installed. Floor has white scheme which blends well with the furniture. Some furniture is chosen to be either in white or brown color. If we see above, we will find ceiling layered by dark brown plywood. One of unique design is the glass corridor built over the room. What an awesome brown interior design residence!

adorable modern house design with concrete and wood construction facing the wide courtyard

amazing contemporary modern house with glass wall and large courtyard combined with beautiful lighting

awesome modern house design idea with lighting effect giving a sparkling house view

beautiful modern house of oz with green grass courtyard and greeneries

charming modern house of oz with outdoor pool and wooden deck also green grass completed with lounge chairs

cool modern house architecture with outdoor pool and wooden deck also house view

extraordinary modern house of oz with brown interior wooden and glass wall combined with jacuzzi and marble floor

fabulous modern house including brown interior living room with white sofa and rounded table completed with glass wall and wooden ceiling

fantastic brown interior design living room of modern house with white sofas and rounded table featuring glass wall and skylight also wooden ceiling and floor

gorgeous brown interior design living room with wooden material also glass wall and skylight

inspiring brown living room with wooden floor and ceiling also glass wall and skylight completed with wooden shelves and art painting

interesting bathroom with wooden cabinet and white kitchen sink also long mirror under skylight

luxury open plan kitchen design with white countertops and steel island hood and white cabinet

marvellous modern house interior combine with wooden and glass wall also verandah with glass banister

mesmerizing space with white floor and glass wall with wooden frame also glass skylight

outstanding modern staircase with wooden and steel material

remarkable modern house of oz including verandah with glass banister and skylight combined with wooden material

stunning verandah with glass floor and banister combined with wooden ceiling

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