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Classic Exterior Polished with White Wall Theme and Brown Roof Tiles

March 20, 2016

The London housing with classic exterior is dramatic here moreover it has twin building model. It looks like an old Victorian house design that created with old styled chimney. The glass windows are also antique with classy ornaments. The carport can fit for one or two cars and created with unfenced front side.

Both of the front and backside is designed in old fashioned house design. While the facade painted with all white color, the rear is covered with brick. The surprising facility behind the classic exterior dwell is the modern garden with fascinating arrangements. This Chiswick building which designed by Peter Thomas de Cruz is semi modern and traditional. You can see here, that the dark grey floor tiles are elegant. The outdoor space is separated with glass window. Keep the classic exterior design and make the new extension behind is good. You can see at this house for example which look fit with the old styled on the top and contemporary model under it.

The rooftop garden is romantic for outdoor dinner and garden party. It looks like a stage with black tiled staircase. There is also a small waterfall and surely it is an artificial. The Decoration is not much and just places the three large jars on the corner. For the interior part, the designer made it awesome with cheddar laminated floor. If we see from this internal view point, the classic exterior will not be shown. The room with long dining table and cheerful chairs are simple. No one will recognize the classic exterior house design with the modern ceiling design. Grey sofa with chaise is arranged beside the kitchen and it is used to watch the television.

The minimalist kitchen furniture with newly vent hood model is luxurious enough. There is also an elongated dormer window inside this London classic exterior home which protected with thick glass material.

captivating behind of classic exterior polished house beautified with fascinating modern garden and fresh natural background

cool minimalist kitchen with yellow flowers decoration on the kitchen counter combined with iron chairs with kitchen sink

enchanting rooftop garden of modern house design as outdoor dinner and garden party with black tiled staircase and small waterfall

extraordinary rooftop garden captured from inside modern house with small waterfall and natural plants background

fascinating dinning room with cheddar laminated floor completed with dining table and cheerful dinning chairs

inspiring family room with cheddar laminated floor beautified with swanky fabric sofa and modern flat television

interesting area of classic exterior polished house with elegant armchairs and stunning round glass table also filled with cool small painting

marvellous living room with beauteous sofa and amazing glass table under curved floor lamp

mesmerizing wooden staircase of classic exterior polished house at night brightened with captivating small lamps

outstanding bathroom completed with luxurious white bathtub and chrome shower also limited with wide glass walls

romantic roofless garden of classic exterior polished house at night with black tiled staircase and small waterfall with natural plants background

breathtaking classic exterior polished house completed with classy ornaments windows and amusing old styled chimney

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