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Contemporary Seaside Home Design with the Natural Wooden Wall

March 29, 2016

The beautiful seaside home design by CSS Architecture has the same color as the sands surrounding it. The soft cream large residence has wooden hedges in the front side. Some plants make the hedges more and more beautiful. The same plants are found inside the residence. Then, the residence also uses woods to be the main material, the same as the hedges. The floor, walls and the canopy are all made of arranged wooden board. Even, the stairs and furniture are also wooden.

For the wooden stairs, the glass balusters are perfect for such modern residence. The glass wall and doors are also good for this seaside interior design. The rooms inside are also great and modern. Since it is a family residence, the living room has to have many sofas for many members of the family. The sofas are good to be the same cream color. This time, the inside wall is not wooden. An abstract picture is good to have some square shapes which are arranged beautifully on the wall. The rug also has the same there of square shape. But the rug is in blue, not cream. A fireplace in the room is not paced in the wall. A special metal fireplace is hanging in front of the sofas.

The cooking room of the residence has the unique color. It is grey semi blue color. The color supports the kitchen to be modern and elegant. The design is also minimalist, modern and elegant. The stove and the sink are placed in different table, but those two things are situated to be near to ease the cooking activities. For the easiness of the cooking activities, a small television is hanging under the cabinets. This television can help the chef to get the menu.

The bedrooms are better to be designed in modern style which still giving the owner spaces to express their favorites. This simple thing affects too much in making the bedrooms comfortable. In last, those previous are only the designs of general rooms of the recommended home with ocean view in California.

charming contemporary family house design with wooden material and located in seaside

charming contemporary family residence including south deck with wooden material completed with glass windows and glass sliding door

charming wooden contemporary family residence combined with glass windows and glass sliding door

cool contemporary beach house  including living room in brown concept with wooden material and steel firehood

cool wooden south deck of contemporary family residence with table and chairs for lounge

dramatic contemporary family residence with wooden material featuring glass material located in seaside beautified with lighting system

extraordinary living room of contemporary residence with wooden material and steel firehood

fabulous contemporary family residence including kitchen with wooden countertops and cabinet in bright concept

fantastic contemporary family residence with modern steel firehood and home with ocean view

inspiring contemporary home design with ocean view also wooden accent with steel firehood and sea view

luxury contemporary family residence with glass wall and sea view

mesmerizing contemporary seaside home ideas including kitchen with glass wall and wooden accent also with skylight

stunning contemporary family residence with steel firehood and skylight

sweet contemporary home design ideas with white tone and glass wall completed with greeneries and natural view

adorable contemporary family residence with wooden material and glass banister also sliding glass door

amazing contemporary beach house with wooden material combined with glass wall and sliding glass door also wooden deck with outdoor lounge space

beautiful contemporary beach house design located in seaside with natural material

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