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Elegant Natural Farmhouse Design from Woods and Stones Construction

March 27, 2016

This residence perfectly brings the natural farmhouse design to be blended with surrounding natural circumstances. Constructed with the combination of stones and woods, this house showcases the gutsy outlook with naturalistic touch. Traditional house design by employing the one-floor construction, this residence offers the new living experience with refreshing and convenient place. Within the house, classic and naturalistic accent surrounds the entire building in wooden decoration. Comfortable area inside this farmhouse design brings the village living experience with naturalistic decoration.

From the outside decoration, this modern farmhouse design brings the flashback home design by applying the village style. Woods and stones are combined to evoke the farmhouse design in gutsy and naturalistic accent. Traditional roof design employs the triangle form from woods. Around the stones and wooden facade, the glass wall adds the empty space to continue the incoming natural energy towards the interior. To enjoy the stunning green terrain, the large outdoor living room employs the classic wooden material to arrange the simple dining area. With the wooden decoration at the ceiling and furniture, this place becomes the favorite site to spend the free time. Situated around the refreshing and large green terrain, this house perfectly blends its design with the natural circumstances.

Move into the inside, the classic interior decoration uses the woods to reveal the naturalistic nuance. Classic home design combines the modernity also. At the living room, naturalistic decoration is presented in modernity with the use of comfortable brown leather sofa against the stones fireplace. Glass facade and wooden floor decoration strengthens the magnificent atmosphere. Behind it, furnished wooden table and chair brings the elegant dining time with classic nuance of vintage pendant light. Fabulous kitchen combines the modern design with classic decoration wooden ceiling and modern kitchen cabinets surely reveals the fabulous culinary activity. Open bedroom uses the glass facade around the room to convey the owner with minimalist decoration of natural bed color and wooden decoration.

For the addition, along the alley, the warm and cozy nuance becomes the comfortable decoration form glass facade and wooden interior decoration. From the whole description of this farmhouse, this residence offers the new living experience with the exploitation of natural decoration. The use of woods and stones to create the building construction evokes the gutsy and fascinating living place. Open plan building design adds the comfortable atmosphere with the warm and ecological condition that comes from the nature. This residence becomes one kind of contemporary farmhouse that combines the modernity with classic home design and presents the fascinating living experience.

awesome kitchen design of farmhouse with wooden floor and stainless kitchen set and build in hood also with stainless cabinet and glass countertop

beautiful bedroom of farmhouse design with wooden bed and wooden floor also with glass wall

beautiful farmhouse design with wooden cladding wall and natural stone accent also with glass window and green grass yard

extraordinary farmhouse design with wooden flooring and glass wall also with stone fireplace and red leather sofa and white lounge chair next to dining room

fabulous outdoor dining room with long rectangular and rounded table also with lounge chairs beautified with farm view

fantastic outdoor space with farmhouse with stone flooring and rounded fireplace also with lounge chair next to wooden building

inspiring farmhouse design with natural stone wall featuring with wooden door

lovely bedroom design of farmhouse with wooden bed and wooden floor also with natural stone wall and glass wall

natural farmhouse design with wooden floor hallway and glass door

natural view of farmhouse design with outdoor lounge space with lounge chairs

outstanding farmhouse design with natural stone and wooden wall combined with glass door also with wooden ceiling

scenic farmhouse design with wooden and glass wall in wide field

splendid farmhouse design including wooden floor kitchen with wooden countertop with steel kitchen set and cabinet

stunning living room of farmhouse design with red leather sofa on wooden floor and natural stone fireplace next to mini wooden bar

winning farmhouse design with natural stone wall combined with wooden door and wooden path

wonderful hallway design of farmhouse with wooden floor and ceiling also with glass window

adorable room with steel cabinet and glass window also with glass sliding door

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