Fabulous Black and White Christmas Trees

November 1, 2016

Christmas is a special time that wanted by anybody. The bells, winter, snow, snowman, snowball, Christmas tree, Santa, and cute gift are good things that we are waiting for. Colorful Christmas tree looks very ordinary. A black and white Christmas tree is a unique choice for your special Christmas.

Decorate your family room with elegant snowy Christmas concept. Choose white frosted Christmas tree for winter effect. Choose white snowy Christmas tree decoration. Here some snowy Christmas tree decorations recommendation: silver snowflake, white crochet angel, silver glitter tree topper, frosted landscape bauble, silver mixed bauble, white snow boots, white swan hanging with Swarovski diamonds, etc.

Then, if you have prepared all Christmas tree decoration, let’s start to decorate your frosted Christmas tree! First, choose a right place to locate your Christmas tree. Hang one by one your favorite white Christmas tree decorations. After all, put the silver glitter tree topping. Use blue or white halogen lighting above right or left from the Christmas tree. Put some snowball toys beside the Christmas tree and also put your family Christmas gift box under the Christmas tree. Now you have glamour frosted Christmas tree!

If you want mystique elegant black tree, you can use deep black Christmas tree. Then décor the deep black Christmas tree with blue bright bauble, mixed silver bauble, silver and white fine cut tinsel, black piano bauble, silver and white snowflake, and big transparent crystal hanging cross ornament. Firstly, twist the silver and white fine cut tinsel in your deep black Christmas tree. Then decorate your deep black Christmas tree, with those Christmas tree decorations. Hang the big transparent crystal cross ornament in the higher place. Choose deep blue bright, silver bright, black bright, and white for gift boxes colored. Put the Christmas tree in the living room corner, under the white halogen lighting. Mystique Christmas is your own!











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