Family House Design: Comfortable Living Zone for the Entire Households

April 9, 2016

We are going to enter a beautiful single family house design presented by CCS Architecture. The house itself is built for fulfilling the needs of a large family. Therefore, there would be many functional rooms which is purports to accommodate everyone’s interests. The house itself is located in Los Altos Hills, California. It is called the Los Altos Hills Residence Project. This spacious house has been there since 2008.

Family House Design Exterior

It would be easy for us to know this family house design since it bears exceptional exterior design. The family house design ideas is separated into two main parts, the garage, and the house. The former uses concrete wall meanwhile, the latter has a wooden cover for the wall. It allows much light to travel inside the house when summer comes. Additionally, the house also has a large backyard swimming pools. It is accompanied with outdoor lounge chairs too.

Family House Design Interior

The inner part of the family house design is mostly dominated with wooden materials. The woods are employed to cover the house’s floor. In the kitchen, for example, we would be able to find laminated wood floor. The family home design ideas have a harmonious hue with the dining table which is also made out of wood. Above the dining set, there are three huge light bulbs hanging. We can also find a geometric carpet placed under the dining chairs.

When we move upstairs, we would be able to find a large bedroom with marble tile flooring. Along the length of the room, there is a wall cabinet which could store many things. The room is enlightened with two wall lamps placed above the end table. This room is directly connected to the bathroom where the combination of wood and marble could be found. This family house design would be the perfect choice for a family of four.

amazing modern home surrounded by lush greeneries outside

awesome modern home with separated into two main parts include garage and the house

beautiful modern home with large swimming pool on its courtyard accompanied with outdoor lounge chairs

chic dining room of modern home with the dining table made out of wood and above the dining set include three huge light bulbs hanging

comfy outdoor lounge area of modern home with outdoor lounge chairs and table

fabulous corridor of modern home with laminated wood floor also white a wall cabinet

great bedroom of modern home with comfy bed surrounded by wall cabinet which could store many things enlightened with two wall lamps placed above the end table

mesmerizing modern home with concrete wall meanwhile the latter has a wooden cover for the wall with rectangular glass windows

mesmerizing white staircase of modern home to connect with upper floor

nice bathroom design of modern home with wooden cabinet under marble bathroom sink and unique pendant lamps

stunning lounge area of modern home with red armless chairs and wooden table under unique pendant lamp

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