Family House Design with a Plenty of Brilliant Eco friendly Features

March 7, 2016

Sander Architects has beautifully formed a family house design with an abundance of brilliant eco friendly and sustainable energy concepts. This could be cited as one of the most stirring modern family house design ideas based on those environmental bolstered features. Start from the glazing which emerges as the main tool to escalate the natural light circulation during the day, bamboo floors, linoleum bathroom floor, until the sustainable system implementation for the modern kitchen. The structure it self was insulated building with concrete as the main material, and apparently it has a creative function as heating reducer.

Primarily this contemporary family home design emphasizes on the existence of two main materials namely glass and concrete as the platform of eco friendly concept. Specifically, large glass windows and vigorous concrete walls successfully improve the energy saving for this family house design. The windows basically maximize the rays entering the house during the days, while the concrete wall minimizes the energy consumption since it reduces the heat with natural way. Another affecting element such as high ceiling, and minimalist furniture arrangement undeniably increase the tranquil and modest atmosphere of this dwelling.

Exploring the indoor living space, we could see that this family house design also allows some beautiful natural material as a crucial part which supports the eco friendly theme. Start from bamboo which impressively emerges as the material for floor in some parts, until the linoleum for the bathroom floor. However, those natural elements were brilliantly blended with some industrial materials. Metal spiral staircase maybe the most astonishing part of modern industrial material implementation. It is surprisingly well-suited with those natural materials and eventually escalates the beauty of the residence.

To conclude, this house with its amazing energy sustainable system and natural materials successfully shows the best side of modern floor plan. For every home owner who adores sustainable energy features could make this design as their reference. And of course as promising family house design with a bunch of eco friendly concepts, this design will appear as a promising contribution for the modern design development.

adorable family house with rectangular form combined with concrete and glazing completed with lighting accent at night

beautiful family house design with concrete wall and steel balcony with glass banister

bombastic modern family house design with concrete wall and glazing

elegant family house design with concrete wall and glass wall

fantastic contemporary family house with rectangular form combined with concrete and glazing as natural lighting circulation

fascinating modern family house with concrete wall and glazing combined with horizontal line accent

gorgeous modern family house design with steel bathroom vanity and large mirror combined with pendant lamp

inspiring family house design with large glass wall and high ceiling combined with spiral stair with glass banister

lovable family house design with steel spiral stair and glass banister added on wooden floor

mesmerizing family house with concrete and glazing featuring paving grass completed with lighting at night

outstanding family house with concrete wall and glazing with paving grass front yard

stunning family house design with concrete wall and transparent glass door and window as natural lighting circulation

wonderful family home decor including kitchen and dining room added on grey floor combined with high ceiling and large glass wall

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