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Functional and Decorative Modern Wall Units for Living Room

March 3, 2016

If you want to enhance the functionality and look of your living room, I suggest you to decorate it with modern wall storage unit. Modern wall storage unit is both functional and decorative. You can use the furniture to keep or organize some items, like framed photos, vases, books, etc. It may even able to support a TV. At the same time, the storage unit can add character to your living room’s wall. Finally, the overall look of the room will increase.

From the first picture, you can see an awesome modern black wall storage unit in a white living room. The storage unit comes as a black panel with three shelves. However, the unit actually consists of some small square panels. Integrated into one single unit and mounted on a wall, the panels look so awesome and impressive. The living room owner uses one shelf for displaying decorative porcelain and photo. Meanwhile, a low modern wooden storage unit with drawers is set under the wall unit.

Moving to the second picture, there is a room with wall-mount modern white square cabinets. The square cabinets are interestingly mounted in row. They also function to display white vases of green plants, framed photo and other small decorative items. The unit even has a built-in storage for a flat screen TV. You can find other wall-mount modern square cabinets near the unit. However, they come in maroon color. Black and white striped runner rug lies on floor in front of the wall storage units while creating more impressive look in the room.

The next picture shows you a large modern wooden storage unit set against a living room’s wall. The unit comes with drawers and multiple shelves. It even has a gray cabinet that functions to conceal a wall-mount TV. There are many thick books put on the shelves. The piece amazingly also has three glass shelves. The living room owner uses the glass shelves for displaying classy wine glasses and horse sculptures. Please tell me, which one your favorite modern wall storage unit is.

amazing rectangular rug plus black swivel chairs and modern wall unit for living room with round shaped table lamp

arco floor lamp feat vintage leather sofa design plus modern wall unit for living room

awesome eames elliptical table and black area rug idea feat plywood chairs design also modern wall unit for living room

beautiful adjustable floor lamp and large gray rug feat modern wall unit for living room

beautiful yellow swivel chair feat modern wall unit for living room with potted indoor greenery decor idea

modern rectangular wall unit for living room with artwork idea feat cozy round ottoman table design

modern wood wall unit for living room with floating bookshelf idea plus mirrored coffee table and black shag rug

sleek black leather sofa also low coffee table feat modern white floating wall unit for living room plus large flat tv

stylish floating staircase feat modern white wall unit for living room plus floral cabinet door idea

trendy dark area rug design and modern wall unit for living room plus freestanding bookshelf idea

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