House Plan with Minimalist Design for Modern Family Provides Peaceful Living

March 20, 2016

Comfortable living is not only creates on large house plan, now the single and small home can give it. As seen here, the single building with flat roof design is completely serve good nuance for family members. But it is true that this dwell is suitable for small family. It is located in higher land than other houses around. It faces the large green courtyard that can be natural fence on it.

The woodsy exterior cover shows that this house will be warmer in the night and winter time. White roof color is completed with PVC and that will be useful for daily activities. Some tempered glass windows are created here to make the outside view visible to see. This design is simple and not too grand and plush. The wooden cover on this house plan is created with special usage, it can be folded in. Then the thick glass walls are the luxurious decor here and it has dark color so the interior is not exposed.

The wooden roller cover with thick glass is very safe in the day because it can control the light. Beside the green grasses, there are some flowers that decorate the large yard. Some house plan designs for family residence are intricate but this one is simple and unique. It will be better if the window can be equipped with curtain or thin blinds. Before come deeper, the guest will pass the wooden floor. The inside and outside wooden floors are different, surely the interior floor is smoothen and use the laminated floor. This minimalist house plan looks like transparent building with timber gates on all sides.

Solid white ceiling design is decorated with some recessed lamps that look fashionable. The family house plan ideas was originally created by OV-A and it is built in Kraluv Dvur. Wonderful backyard on the cozy house plan can be reached through the glass door.

breathtaking and minimalist home design captured from corner side with wooden cover walls and glass window

excellent interior home design looks like transparent building with timber gate and wooden floor

exciting and minimalist home design with woody walls background beautified with glass windows and white flat roof

extraordinary home design at afternoon when half of wooden cover is folded in then being thick glass walls

fascinating space with wooden floor between wooden roller cover and thick glass walls

interesting woody exterior home design captured from beside with flat white roof and tempered glass windows

mesmerizing space with brown wooden floor between two white walls and with glass door

one of marvellous minamilist home corner side decorated with thick glass walls and then covered with the wooden roller cover

astonishing glass home walls design while wooden cover is folded in completed with white flat roof

attractive minimalist home design at night with orange lamps light shining from half of roller cover folded in

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