Interior Design Ideas with Beautiful White Minimalist Decoration

April 11, 2016

Laura Alvarez Architecture has creatively done interior design ideas for a renovation project of modern duplex apartment in Amsterdam. The enchanting white was appeared as the main hue for the whole part, and the minimalist arrangement of some trendy furniture completed the beauty of this dwelling. For any owner who needs home interior design ideas or more specific, modern interior design ideas, they apparently will satisfy with some features of this prototype. Coloring, furniture arrangement and material choosing were brilliantly finished in a very precise way.

Interior Design Ideas and Enchanting White as the Main Accent

Generally, when it comes to creating modern outlook, white will appear as one of the suitable choice. The interior design ideas of this swanky dwelling used the white as the main accent, along with some neutral hues touches through some modish furniture as the additional hint. In the living area which appears in integrated form with dining space and simple kitchen, white painted walls and ceiling bring a strong clean and futuristic atmosphere. Grey slate floor enhance the modern vibe through its modest texture. Some wooden furniture in light brown, black cabinets and simple pendant lamps are the next aspects which support the beauty of white.

Minimalist Decoration and how it works for Interior Design Ideas

It is generally assumed that modern style could be produced by a minimalist concept. This dwelling apparently has a minimalist style as its platform. The beauty of modern interior design ideas here were incredibly showed through minimalist arrangement of shapes, color fusion and even additional accessories. Wood, cement and slate were composed in a very modest form, along with white and a little bit touches of black and grey. Talking bout a minimalist shape, white sturdy staircase could be mentioned as the best example. It shows simple shape without hand railing.

The way some grey sofas and wooden coffee table on the living room was installed is also emerge so modest, without any crowded color and accent. And they were just accompanied by some simple additional accessories. In the end this apartment redesign successfully emerges as one of the most alluring interior design ideas prototype and will stimulate more minimalist style idea on the modern decoration circle.

amazing modern kitchen with kitchen sink and wooden countertop oven bellow white steel island hood and white straight stair above white slate floor

amazing white wooden straight stair with glass banister to connect with lower floor featuring glass skylight

awesome grey led spotlight in the grey wall

awesome kitchen with wooden countertop oven above white slate floor beside white straight stair and dining room

beautiful living space with white wall including transparent clear glass windows with white wooden cabinet and unique chairs above white slate floor

charming kitchen with wooden countertop behind white straight stair beside dining room and living room with white concept

cool white straight stair with glass banister to connect with upper floor beside wooden countertop in the white room concept

extraordinary kitchen with wooden countertop including wine cabinet bellow white straight stair and white wall above white slate floor

fantastic lounge room with puffy sofabed above wooden floor and white skew wall featuring glass window

lovable wooden floor corridor and unique ceiling to the bedroom with white wall

luxury corridor between white wooden cabinet above wooden floor

marvellous powder toilet with wooden bathroom sink including skew mirror above grey slate floor

mesmerizing wooden wine cabinet bellow white straight stair

outstanding shower enclosure with natural stone wall and stainless shower with lighting

simple powder toilet with wooden sliding door and mirror in white wall above white slate floor

stunning white straight stair with glass banister to connect with upper floor in modern home design

sweet bedroom with puffy bed and white wall featuring transparent glass windows including art painting above wooden floor

unique varnish wooden table and grey comfy sofa in modern living room with white slate floor

unique white chairs for dining room above white slate floor and white wall with transparent glass windows

winning white wooden cabinet above wooden floor as partition

winsome white wall with colorful brick pattern with unique ceiling above wooden floor

wonderful white straight stair with white steel railing to connect with upper floor

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