Modern Coastal House with the Outstanding White Duplex Design

April 5, 2016

You can take a break and go to this modern coastal house. This residence is remarkably pretty and awesome. This duplex house is also fantastic with big glass wall. You also can discover large garden in the front yard that makes your beach house more adorable. So, do you interest in this house? You can start add these modern coastal house plans in your dream house list and make your dream come true!

Modern Coastal House Outdoor Appearance

This duplex modern coastal house has flat roof. The exterior wall has stripe design that looks elegant and chic. This house also has concrete wall as the fence. It looks fresh with the existence of high green grasses along the wall fence. This house also has stair steps that are covered with green grass. These stairs connect the verandah to the front garden. You also can see amazing rectangle long swimming pool in the side of the front garden. The appearance of the swimming pool that faces the ocean makes this pool looks like infinity pool. What a terrific these modern coastal house designs!

Modern Coastal House Indoor Appearance

The wood material dominates the interior architecture of this coastal house. This place has awesome wood floor. It looks pretty blend with the white wall. The living room has grey carpet that covers the wood floor. It has black sofa and black coffee table. The addition of the red vintage arm chair in the room corner makes this room prettier. The living room also has glass sliding door that connects the living room to the wooden terrace. Definitely you should own these modern coastal house designs for your own nest!

The design of the bathroom is heaven on earth. This bathroom has white theme color. It has   pure white floor. You can find white marble bathroom cabinet with the addition of large frameless mirror in the wall. The entire corner part of this bathroom has glass wall that gives you wonderful ocean view. You can discover chic oval bathtub in this side. Imagine how wonderful your bathing time in this paradise bathroom. So, after you see about the magnificent of this place design, do you still want to add this modern coastal house as your own place?

amazing interior bedroom within modern coastal house with white puffy bed above wooden bedstead and white wall with beautiful art painting

awesome patio in modern coastal house with brown wooden chair above wooden floor and transparent glass as barrier

beautiful exterior of modern coastal home design with lush vegetation in front garden near rectangle outdoor pool

comfy living room within modern coastal house with black sofa and red vintage arm chair near black table above wooden floor with cream carpet and glass sliding door

cool rectangle outdoor pool with blue fresh water near lush green grass in front garden of modern coastal home

cozy lounge room with puffy cream chair above wooden room near glass sliding door to connect with outdoor pool within modern coastal house

extraordinary exterior design with wooden fence and wooden stair as bridge to connect outdoor space with upper floor within modern coastal house

fabulous modern coastal house with natural stone footpath surrounded by lovely natural scenery with meadows on its garden

mesmerizing modern coastal house with stripe wall design and lush vegetations set around it to refresh the entire part of home building

nice red vintage arm chair and wooden table above wooden floor within family room of modern coastal house with glass sliding door to connect with the wooden terrace

stunning exterior of modern coastal house with wall has stripe design and stair steps that are covered with green grass to connect the verandah to the front garden

wonderful dining room of modern coastal house with wooden dining table and wooden chairs under antique pendant lamps and wooden floor with transparent glass windows and sea view

adorable kitchen within modern coastal house with wooden countertop under kitchen hood and wooden kitchen cabinet on white walls above wooden floor

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