Modern Duplex House Design in a Futuristic White Rectangular Form

March 8, 2016

AGi Architects has amazingly established a modern duplex house design with its concept emphasizes on the futuristic rectangular form. The house stands beautifully in Kuwait, with modern outlook and white as the main hue for both exterior and interior. Contemporary vibe feels so authentic through some features including flat rooftop and glazing. This could be named as the most futuristic prototype of modern duplex house plans. And of course each element of this house will appears as new inspiring references for every one who loves modern duplex house ideas with minimalist yet luxurious style.

White and Rectangular as the Attraction of Modern Duplex House Design

Basically white as the main hue of this dwelling successfully reinforce the minimalist yet stunning concept. And rectangular structure undeniably becomes the next affecting aspect of this modern duplex house design ideas. Minimalist windows and doors also emphasize the sense of modest, as well as bring more trendy accent of the exterior. Entering the house, asymmetric shape and folded style were spread all over the place. It produces authentic futuristic outlook for the whole interior. White still dominates each room, and the chic minimalist arrangement of furniture also emerges very eye catching.

Modern Duplex House Design with Monochromatic Decoration

Exploring more deep the interior decoration, black was also added as the additional hue and the best soul mate for the white. Through some trendy window frames, vigorous concrete painted pillars and some trendy furniture, the black really escalates the futuristic aura. This modern duplex house design apparently demonstrates a very modest monochromatic style without decreasing the stylish vibe. Black and white blend melodiously and as a result, the ambiance feel so voguish and comfy.

Contemporary enthusiasts will satisfy with this prototype since the whole element basically represents the best side of modern concept. They still could implement some of the features along with their own idea and inspiration. Because in the end, modern duplex house design plans actually allows individual preference to be implemented since the modern design also means expressing the real individual character for the living space.

adorable modern duplex house design with futuristic rectangular form in monochrome scheme

amazing modern duplex house design with white rectangular form located in kuwait

awesome futuristic prototype of modern duplex house plans with triangle void combined with glass wall

cool modern duplex house design with large courtyard and central garden completed with lighting at night

fabulous modern duplex house with central garden in the large backyard next to living area

fantastic modern duplex house with central garden completed with lighting at night

outstanding modern duplex house design with roof garden and natural stone floor combined with wooden banister

scenic modern duplex house with white tone concept and transparent glass window completed with view of city skyline

stunning modern duplex house design with open plan hallway design combined with transparent glass wall wall

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