Modern Minimalist Apartment with Bold Blue Colored Entrance Door

March 22, 2016

When visiting Paris, France you can find this modern minimalist apartment named Apartment Ecrins. It is designed in minimalist apartment design. Swan Architectes has finished in designing this 764 square foot apartment with stunning result. The apartment interior design and color scheme is dominated by white color. Blue color accent is given through many room elements. A blue painted door made of cedar is welcoming us first time arrive at this place. We can enter the apartment living room by passing through this blue entrance door. A small corridor decorated with white wall art is so pretty in look.

Modern Minimalist Apartment Dominated with White Interior Color Scheme

The living room of this apartment is furnished with a set of wooden furniture. A round wooden coffee table surrounded by wooden chairs is very charming in appearance. The wall concept of this living room is using white painted wooden panels combined with concrete walls. On wall space we can find embedded wall art in bold blue color scheme. Pretty paintings are hanged on these embedded wall spaces. This beautiful minimalist apartment is very captivating.

Modern Minimalist Apartment with Unique Blue Embedded Wall Art

Another space of this minimalist apartment wall has cool wall mounted television and painting on blue embedded wall space. The blue accent of this minimalist apartment interior design is so lovely in breaking the ice. The floor concept of this apartment is so simple in using pale laminate wood floors. The family room of this apartment is well furnished by ivory sectional sofa set and square coffee table.

It is such a good feeling when we meet unique kitchen interior of this minimalist apartment. Embedded kitchen cabinet with metal sink and cook top is well decorated with blue mosaic backsplash. Different from previous rooms, the bedroom has green color applied on embedded wall spaces. This apartment is very simple in interior design.

adorable living room of small apartment design completed with wooden chairs and round wooden table also with unique paintings

amazing area of minimalist apartment design with white and blue interior decoration beautified with wooden floor

cool family room of minimalist apartment interior design completed with swanky sofas and stunning glass table also filled with flat television

drop dead gorgeous corridor of apartment minimalist design with simple white interior decoration and beautified with blue interior door

engaging area of minimalist apartment design limited with unique concrete white decoration and functioned as a door

entrancing painting of simple apartment interior design on the blue background wall and completed with wooden floor

exquisite burner and kitchen sink of minimalist apartment interior design with blue mosaic background beautified with unique lamp

inspiring bedroom of minimalist apartment design with white and green interior decoration and completed with huge bed and stunning lamps

marvellous bathroom of apartment interior minimalist design completed with chrome shower and bathroom sink filled with big mirror

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