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Modern Studio with Curved Bookshelves Joined with Modern Office Design

May 2, 2016

Wade Davis is the name of the modern studio which designed by Travis Price Architects. Inside this modern room, the nuance is warm and cozy plus it is quiet. It is used for learning and works that’ s why it is calm and the white interior supports it. Many professions can use this studio and surely they can climb the steel ladder to reach the curved shelves on the ceiling.

Modern Studio with Contemporary Design Concept

The difference style of this room is the bookshelves which designed in circular and located at the top. Between the circular shape book racks, the square lamp is very bright until the bottom side. The mahogany with bright brown texture color looks shine while the lamp lights it. On the solid white wall, some antique masks are attached. It seems that those arts are the traditional mascot from a country. This modern studio also equipped with ventilation which covered with glass. The initial modern studio design by the designer is plain, and then the owner decorated it with some animal heads.

Traditional Wall Decors on Modern Studio

Although the wall arts are traditional and seem to be unique, the modern studio furniture is stylish. Like the black swivel chair which equipped with a curved wooden table. The wooden file cabinet can help the documents keep safe and well arranged. Not only the animal heads decoration, but there is also some enticing fabric on the white wall color. It has an ethnic motif and looks like Borneo traditional fabric. The all white interior color scheme gives the roomy effect on this modern studio in Canada.

Even though it is bright enough to read the book, learn and work, the high room is added with some lamps. That lightning located behind the curved wooden racks. Under the glass ventilation, those hidden lamps will shine brightly. It seems that the construction ideas on modern studio are successfully comforting people who stay here.




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