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Mountainside House Design with Private Spa and Large Outdoor Pool

April 7, 2016

Building mountainside house design would be very challenging for both the architects and the owner. The uneven terrain is the frequent issues have to be faced by the architects. However, Metropolis Design, has nailed it well as shown by its most recent design, the Spa House. The name was not given without purpose. This house itself is equipped with private spa facilities for its owner. The beautiful house design is located in the suburban area of Cape Town, South Africa.

Wood Coverage for Mountainside House Design

When we take a look at the outer part of this mountainside house design, we can see that its wall looks blend in the nature. The exterior wall is covered by wooden materials. On its back part, it is dominated by glass panel, enabling sufficient natural light to travel inside the house. The transparent facade in this mountainside house plans also allows the residents to overlook the beauty of its surrounding area.

Infinity Pool in Mountainside House Design

A vacation house would be nothing without an outdoor pool. Therefore the architect plans to build a spacious infinity pool in this mountainside house design. This pool is equipped with an extended part of the house in the form of outdoor living. In this space, the residents could enjoy the warmth of sun light while seating at the lounge chairs or armchairs. The mountainside home plans’ floor is covered by hardwood flooring which could resist water in a proper amount.

Moving into the basement, we can find the private spa facilities which are built under the swimming pool. This is equipped with large glass window which could make the residents feel like they were having spa under the water. The ceiling is made out of wooden materials. Meanwhile, the part of this mountainside house design’s wall and floor is covered by marble tile. 

amazing dining room at modern house with wooden seating and stained rectangular table to complete surprising interior

awesome modern house exterior design with full of wood walling to combine with native rocky and green landscape surrounding

awesome private spa facilities which are built under the swimming pool with stained flooring and walling combined with striped wooden ceiling furnished with black chaises

comfy open living room at modern house with wooden flooring furnished and elegant grey seating completed with stylish table

extraordinary exterior wall of modern house is covered by wooden materials combined with glass windows

fabulous living room at modern house with grey sectional sofa completed with folded glass door for perfect indoor and outdoor connection

marvellous bathroom in modern house with glass divider working with grey tones flooring and walling furnished with modern elements

outstanding swimming pool at modern house with wooden deck for outdoor gathering and entertaining

stunning backyard of modern house with outdoor pool with wooden deck completed with white seating and unique rounded steps connecting to other deck

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