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Multi-level House Designs with Trendy and Flexible Wall Wooden Covers

April 10, 2016

Karawitz Architecture has successfully done multi-level house designs and implemented them for a two story modern house in Paris. The design emphasizes on the existence some flexible wooden wall covers which emerge very enchanting and lovely. This could be labeled as one of the most attractive multi-level house plans prototype based on how those flexible wall covers could maintain the house from harmful climate and ray without losing the attractive side. If the owner wants to open the cover, a plenty of glass features will appear beautifully and of course, when they turning down the cover, the warm and vigorous outlook also could be seen authentically. 

Wood and Glass as the Main Material of Multi-Level House Designs

Primarily the wood covers were composed from wooden stick and they were added for both the first and second level. Wood really beautify the house and make it as one of the most appealing multi-level house designs example with modern style. For every house owner who searches multi-level modern house designs with touches of wood could rely on this prototype. However, an abundance of large glass sliding door, window and walls was installed throughout the place. As a matter of fact, when the wooden covers were turned up, those glazing will produce a very modern and lucent appearance.

Modest Interior Design as Prominent Part of Multi-Level House Designs

Exploring indoor living space, this dwelling presents a very minimalist yet stylish interior decoration. In the modest living room, slate floor and some white painted panels were blended with bright green sofa and white coffee table. Multi-level house designs with very modern minimalist arrangement were fully represented in this prototype. Moreover, the next appealing decoration was done for the kitchen. White marble countertop and steel kitchen set emerge as the main attraction, give a modern yet calm atmosphere.

To summarize, start from the presence of wooden covers until those glass features, this trendy contemporary dwelling is obviously promising as design reference. Every single part of the house was formed very precise. In the end, we could eventually cite this design as one of the most captivating multi-level house designs with wood and glass touches which will satisfy every wood theme enthusiast.

adorable nursery interior of multi level house with wooden walls and floor feat colorful details of sticker and furniture collection like crib and toys

adorable open carport area of multi level house design with trendy and flexible wall wooden protects illuminated by golden lighting to bright the dark painted wall of the house

amazing setting of wooden shuttered folding windows of multi level house to block the sunlight and get more privacy

astonishing multi level house exterior view with transparent glass windows as main elevation to assure home interior air circulation setting

astounding two story multi level house design featured by wooden shuttered folding panels to protect the transparency of home wall

beautiful minimalist multi level house master bathroom interior decor with cool grey shower room and wooden sanitary area

brilliant and clean multi level house kitchen interior with one side setting with single island placed on the center of open kitchen above slate floor

comfy multi level house bedroom interior decor furnished by red platform bed with cool and eye catching wall art on center of wooden wall

cool kitchen space interior design of multi level house with wooden walls and ceiling featuring long island and electric stove and connected dining room table

cool unique wooden shuttered panels appearance seen from the top to give much privacy for multi level house with steel hardware

cozy multi level house kid's room space for playing with unique throw pillows collection with double height wooden ceiling

dramatic and shady multi level house interior appearance furnished by single chair placed to opposite glass walls and shuttered panel above slate floor

extraordinary multi level house entryway interior setting with transparent glass and wood scheme installed over the wall ceiling floor

fantastic upper floor space of the multi level house with wooden and concrete walls feat transparent glass windows and black pillar as focal point inside the house

impressive transition of multi level house folding shuttered panels installed right in front of transparent glass walls of the house

incredible setting of wooden folding windows covering the glass walls windows and doors of cool multi level house

incredible staircase and entryway interior view of multi level house with sweet contemporary tube porcelain vanity with sink

inspiring minimalist multi level house living room interior decor completed by vibrant green sofa and cool white square table above slate floor and transparent glass walls

inspiring private family house named multi level house designed with wooden shuttered panels offer big scale of privacy and to block natural light

inspiring wood and white schemed master bathroom interior decor of multi level house with stainless steel details

marvellous view of multi level house backyard part when all folding windows are opened perfectly with lawn and scenery

measured and bright wooden multi level house shuttered panels to protect the whole glass walls located on the back part of the house

mesmerizing multi level house exterior view with many windows as major elevation to secure home interior air circulation keep fresh

remarkable and anti clutter tiny multi level house kitchen featured with storage idea set under the countertop including kitchen sink with blur door

splendid tight wooden staircase of multi level house interior to connect with upper floor featuring unique modular windows and lighting

stunning living space exterior building setting of multi level house with folding windows or flexible wall to protect the open floor concept

stunning white painted multi level house kitchen space with cool island featured with kitchen hood and electric stove above slate floor

sweet and minimalist multi level house living room interior with green sofa ottoman and white coffee table set above slate floor and some white painted panels

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