Mumbai Residence in Glorious Design and Special Interior Feature

March 11, 2016

Having modern duplex house is one of promising investment. Moreover, if the residence has outstanding design, the price can be even higher. ZZ Architects created this Mumbai private residence named as the Mohnani Duplex Penthouse in elegant and luxurious concept. Living room is wide in open plan with dome ceiling made from glass material. Light brown long sofa is decorated by several patterned pillows will accompany you there. Flooring has white color scheme of ceramic tiles material. Wall is completed by baroque cloth layer.

Exploring the Interior of Modern Duplex House

As we walk inside this modern duplex house ideas, we will see concrete wall design combined with some other materials. There are woods, glass, ceramic, and marble. All of those materials are created a comfortable living space. Bronze decoration also gives rich accent for the room interior. Besides the white and brown wall, red wall is also made at the corner of the room. Contemporary furniture fill this luxury home design.

You can get the Mumbai residence address and its details by contacting the architectural company. This firm created the home awesomely so that residents can live well. Continue exploring this Mumbai residence, we will find kitchen in grey and metallic scheme. Glossy white counter top makes this cooking space has clean accent. Next to this house section, dining area is designed in wonderful decorative stuff. Dark brown wood paneling is also made for bordering the room artistically.

Bedroom and Outdoor Decoration of Modern Duplex House

Several bedrooms are made there. All is in elegant decoration but with different features. The first bedroom has wide glass wall where the residents can see the outdoor city view clearly. The second one is in brown and gold color accent. The combination of purple and white can also create a sleek design. Glamor white color becomes the theme of the bathroom. This modern duplex house plans also has upper patio with green grass imitation and luxurious accessories completed with some plant pots decoration.

adorable living room with abstract floor pattern and animal rug with unique table above combined with glass wall and skylight

amazing space with triangle marble table added on white marble floor featuring wooden ceiling

awesome lounge space with white comfy lounge chair and glass table added on wooden floor

beautiful bedroom with white bed added on wooden floor combined with marble featuring glass wall with skyline city view

charming bedroom with wooden and stone paneling wall decoration

cool kitchen with steel kitchen set and island hood combined with red wall

dramatic balcony with wooden floor combined with small garden and stacked stone wall completed with skyline city view

elegant bathroom with grey marble drop in bath and shower enclosure

luxury dining room with glass table and white chair added on marble floor combined with glass cabinet and wooden panelling wall

luxury space with white leather comfy lounge chair added on marble floor combined with red wall and beautiful chandelier

pretty bedroom with purple bed and cushion featuring white long chair and large mirror combined with beautiful chandelier

scenic balcony with wooden floor combined with small garden and stacked stone wall completed with skyline city view

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