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Remarkable Single Story House of Rock Reach House with Prefab Structure

March 17, 2016

In this modern era, there are many kinds of single story house designs that are showed. One of them is the Rock Reach House that is located in coastal space. Yeah, this coastal home design is located in Mojave Desert of California, USA as contemporary living space. O2 Architecture designed this house surrounded by the big rocks. Finally, in 2010, that Palm Springs-based studio finished designing and building the project that covers 1,000 square foot as prototype home.

Awesome Single Story House Surrounded by Rough Rocks and Plants

To get clearer information and design, we present the house in some photos. The first photo is conceptualized as contemporary single story house that is in awesome design. Yeah, the building is surrounded by the rough rock and plant existence. They appear everywhere. The house structure itself is situated in staging home design based on prefab home material. Looking at the single story house plans surrounded by the natural view, the facades are structured based on the glass material. It is to allow enjoying the natural outdoor porch design.

Sophisticated Single Story HouseConstruction with Modern Material

Considering the single story house plans with porch or not, this house realizes how the modern material blends to the contemporary and prototype house. Here, the house also has outdoor balcony as terrace completed with the seating place. To separate it, they add the steel and wire fences surrounding the balcony. Some prefab seating places are set with modern appliances on the steel floor design. It also allows the indoor design to be well opened based on the prefab and other modern material construction.

Some ideas that are provided in this article will be one of the choices right here. This house presents a great home construction that features sophisticated home design. Now, it will be better to get the single story house in the coastal space as well as the home inspirations.

archaic fair round pond of single story house with wooden deck and surrounded beautiful rough rock and plant existence with two small glow lamps

astonishing bedroom of single story house with ceramic floor completed bed combined with orange blanket with small wooden buffet and painting

breathtaking bathroom of single story house with bathroom sink with mirror also completed with alluring white orchid decoration and white towel

captivating one of corner of bathroom of single story house with magnificent bathroom sink combined with white orchid decoration and well lamp

great outdoor balcony single story house with white lawn chairs and modern appliances brightened with amazing lightings system

interesting bedroom of single story house with glass door with bed and brown rug also a stunning wooden chair and two pendant lamps

mesmerizing family room of single story house completed with sofa and wooden table also armless chairs on the classic rug with small ceiling lamps

outstanding dinning room of single story house with wooden and glass windows with wooden table and dinning chairs also kitchen sinks and cabinet

picturesque single story house with amusing outdoor balcony as terrace surrounded by the rough rock and plant existence

prepossessing outdoor balcony functioned as terrace of single story house with comely steel floor design completed with some prefab seating places

remarkable single story house at night brightened with interesting lightings system showing the contemporary dwelling for people

scenic outdoor lounge space with lounge chairs

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