Simple Staples File Cabinets with Modern Design to Complete Furnishing

February 8, 2016

Lots of staples file cabinets are invented in various sizes and designs. You can place them in your modern living room or bedroom to enhance contemporary look. Take a look at a black staples cabinet in the first photo. It stands on a wooden floor, right next to grey wall. It provides you two drawers with chromed handles. Now you can keep your stuffs tidily, and in the same time you can put decorations on top of it to make a colorful look.

A smaller cabinet is seen in the second picture. It has brown wooden look, completed with two small drawers. It is perfect to be placed in a corner of a small bedroom or small living room with simple design. A framed picture or a small clock can be put on top of it. Together with bright walls and wooden floor, they create comfortable atmosphere of staples vertical file cabinets. Compare with a similar cabinet in picture number three.

The picture in number three shows a slim but tall cabinet in brown. Its four drawers are built vertically. Within this concept, the cabinet is proper to be added in a bright corner of your living room. Or if your bedroom needs additional storage, you can have it too. But if you need only small storage, try the short cabinet in fourth image. The wooden short cabinet offers two drawers that can fit your office files nicely. Put it in your home office and you’ll have all of your items kept neat and safe.

In the last photo, a cornered grey cabinet stands on wooden floor, among white walls. It has three drawers and a small cupboard as storage. A huge painting is mounted beside it, along with an attached lamp above. Take a look at the combination between the cute lighting and white ceiling. Isn’t the concept great to have? Enjoy the staples vertical letter file cabinets presentation and hopefully you are helped.

awesome design of staples file cabinets which is made of wood and painted in brown

captivating white painted staples file cabinets that designed in minimalist concept

chic yellow color covering the gorgeous staples file cabinets with small potted plant

easy and simple designed staples file cabinets decorated with two drawers on it

fabulous four drawers installed for staples file cabinets and painted in light brown

gorgeous staples file cabinets which is painted in white and enhanced with unique bowl

impressive staples file cabinets installed at corner side of entry way with wooden floor

modern staples file cabinets designed in minimalist and painted in bright white

stunning staples file cabinets filled with two drawers and also painted in cool brown

wonderful staples file cabinets style designed in modern ideas and completed with wheels

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