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Wonderful Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

December 18, 2016

Living room often becomes the primary place to gather with family during Christmas celebration. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention to your living room. I hope the following ideas can bring great Christmas atmosphere into your living room.

The first living room has beautiful white walls. Glass windows make the living room look even brighter. There is a Christmas tree standing near the glass windows. Small Christmas ornaments in red and white colors hang on the Christmas tree. The little Christmas ornaments come in various shapes, including heart, snowman, Santa Claus, star, stocking, bell, etc. There are also a few gifts under the Christmas tree. White sofa brings great comfort in the living room. Red pillow with deer image decorates the white sofa. There is also a headband that resembles deer antlers on the couch. A white table stands in front of the sofa. White candles and red fabric Christmas tree adorn the white table.

The second picture shows a living room with traditional design. Lovely Christmas wreaths in green color hang on glass windows of the living room. A small Christmas tree is placed on top of a wood vanity. Christmas ornaments decorate the tree. The Christmas ornaments come as balls and baubles in yellow, green and turquoise blue colors. You can also find a few small gift boxes under the Christmas tree. A glass table stands in the middle of the living room. Flower and a bowl of turquoise blue balls adorn the table.

The third living room has a rustic design. There is a fireplace with a stoned wall in the living room. Small Santa Claus doll is placed on the fireplace hearth. Two small pine trees flank the Santa doll. The fireplace also has a stone mantle. A framed photo of winter scene decorates the fireplace mantle. Red candles and another Santa Claus doll flank the framed photo. There are also beautiful green pine leaves on the fireplace mantle.


Fabulous Black and White Christmas Trees

November 1, 2016

Christmas is a special time that wanted by anybody. The bells, winter, snow, snowman, snowball, Christmas tree, Santa, and cute gift are good things that we are waiting for. Colorful Christmas tree looks very ordinary. A black and white Christmas tree is a unique choice for your special Christmas.

Decorate your family room with elegant snowy Christmas concept. Choose white frosted Christmas tree for winter effect. Choose white snowy Christmas tree decoration. Here some snowy Christmas tree decorations recommendation: silver snowflake, white crochet angel, silver glitter tree topper, frosted landscape bauble, silver mixed bauble, white snow boots, white swan hanging with Swarovski diamonds, etc.

Then, if you have prepared all Christmas tree decoration, let’s start to decorate your frosted Christmas tree! First, choose a right place to locate your Christmas tree. Hang one by one your favorite white Christmas tree decorations. After all, put the silver glitter tree topping. Use blue or white halogen lighting above right or left from the Christmas tree. Put some snowball toys beside the Christmas tree and also put your family Christmas gift box under the Christmas tree. Now you have glamour frosted Christmas tree!

If you want mystique elegant black tree, you can use deep black Christmas tree. Then décor the deep black Christmas tree with blue bright bauble, mixed silver bauble, silver and white fine cut tinsel, black piano bauble, silver and white snowflake, and big transparent crystal hanging cross ornament. Firstly, twist the silver and white fine cut tinsel in your deep black Christmas tree. Then decorate your deep black Christmas tree, with those Christmas tree decorations. Hang the big transparent crystal cross ornament in the higher place. Choose deep blue bright, silver bright, black bright, and white for gift boxes colored. Put the Christmas tree in the living room corner, under the white halogen lighting. Mystique Christmas is your own!












Antique Christmas Decorations

October 27, 2016

Christmas is coming! Peace and be blessed Christmas is coming!!! Christmas is coming soon. Redecorate your living room with Christmas decor. Now you can decorate your home for cheering the Christmas. Here I would share some ideas for affordable and simple antique Christmas decoration.

Vintage natural living room needs natural Christmas tree. Bring in your pine tree and put into the unique rattan pot. Choose pine tree with 1.5 m height for low ceiling living room, and 2 m pine tree’s height for a high ceiling living room. Let it be naturally. If you want Christmas ornament, twist a bead chain gold ribbon cycling the pine tree. Put two or three a meter height foliage pot plants with LED white berry lights garnished. Install hangings sparkle garland with gold ribbon twisted above the doors and window. Hanging some silver sparkle snowflake decorations. Put on the high gloss vintage teak wood living room table, a unique pine bonsai in the golden glass vase.

Fill golden rectangle jar with chocolate candy, then put on the living room table. Garnish the pine bonsai with twisting bead chain gold. Put a silver bowl with prayer candle inside. Choose beige upholstering for your rattan deep seating living room set. Cover the throw pillow or cushion with a beige unique handmade pillowcase. Open up a beige fur rug under the living room set. Put a flower crown on the silver plate on the side table. If you have a living room wooden cabinet in your living room, put some small golden sparkle trees above it. Hang a circle classic Christmas wreath in front of the main door of your house.

Minimalist antique Christmas decoration in your dining room can be realized by hanging a handmade circle sparkle garland twisted above the dining table. Set three symmetrical bundle points with gold ribbon. Hang it to be one point hang bundled. Then the gold, a ribbon will be a pine tree sketch. It looks so cute!

Wish you a merry Christmas!