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Lighting Ideas that Can Make Your Christmas Celebration More Exciting

December 6, 2016

Make your Christmas celebration to become more exciting with lighting. Lighting will be able to enlighten not only your house or room but also your heart. When looking at beautiful lighting, I’m sure happiness and excitement will arise from your heart.

If you want to decorate your house with Christmas lighting, I suggest you begin from your bedroom. Paint your bedroom walls first with black color. Black walls will be the perfect background for Christmas lighting. To create a more impressing look, you may draw or write something on the black walls by using white chalk. Then, hang small string lights on your bedroom walls. Make the string lights to hang over your bed. Choose small string lights in green, red, yellow, blue and pink colors. You may also hang a white star on your bedroom ceiling.

Room with fireplace is often used as a gathering place for Christmas celebration. So, you need to give special attention to the room with fireplace in your house. First, install white mantel on your fireplace. Then, hang pine Christmas garland with small yellow lights on the fireplace mantle. Let the Garland hangs down until the floor. You may also decorate the fireplace mantle with red flowers. Place a small Christmas tree near the fireplace. Decorate the Christmas tree with small Christmas ornaments and yellow lights. Putting a few gift boxes under the tree is also a good idea.

If you have already decorated your house interior with Christmas light, then you also need to treat the exterior. I suggest you hang a Christmas wreath with small yellow lights on your front door. You also need to outline the doorframe with yellow string lights. Then, place a light-up snowman statue near the front door for creating a more attractive appearance. You may also put light-up fake gift boxes on your porch stairs. Flank the porch with two Christmas trees with colorful strings lights. If you also decorate the ground of your front yard with string lights, it will make your house truly look amazing.

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Beautiful Mantle Decor Beautifies the Entire Room Space

February 28, 2016

Having fireplace can make the room space becomes more alive, because its warmness. Well, enhancing the function of fireplace is a recommended thing for you. Through that way, we can have maximum function of fireplace that also becomes the decoration. See the first picture that shows beautiful fireplace mantel with attractive decoration. Its white mantel has dry plant on brown vase and traditional candles on black wooden candleholders. There are two vintage pictures combine classic mirror with wooden frame has round autumn flower.

Simple yet beautiful appearance of mantel décor is seen in the minimalist room space. It has white wall paint fits with white fireplace, which has glass layer. The unique white vase with vintage styles dominates the decoration in here. It has dried branch matches with round mirror framed by cream wood. Okay, the function of decorating fireplace mantel is strongly felt when Christmas comes. On that day, fireplace has become a center point to gather with fams. As the picture has shown, a rustic fireplace with bricked wall and golden steel layer fit with classy candleholders in chrome tone. Meanwhile, it has green leaves with lighting stuff combines with hanging white socks. On the center, a white square framed mirror takes big role in showing classy nuance.

Not just a Christmas, but certain important day is best fit with mantel decor idea. It can be for Halloween eve. This picture has Halloween theme that focuses in collage things. It has white fireplace with black iron layer. Its mantel contains Halloween stuff, such as old books, dried branches, and rustic candles. Then, on its wall has horror pictures framed in black wooden material. All of them are jumbled in the arrangement that match with the surround things in the fireplace. There are firewood on iron holder and two vintage glass vases. Apply on your space and you can see how the decoration works.

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