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Airy Interior Design for Contemporary Home with Greeneries Surrounding

November 8, 2016

Bates Masi Architects has done working on this contemporary residence with airy interior design. Entitled as Qual Hill House, the airy room interior design of this home is done simply by using the white paint color generously for each room. However, the airy atmosphere is also created by establishing the connection between indoors and outdoors through the use of plenty of transparent glass element to allow the refreshing green nature surrounding incorporated indoors.

Spacious Airy Interior Design with Warm Wooden Flooring

Let’s explore this contemporary home that is located in Amagansett, New York. Walking into this home, you can find how its light, airy interior design is beautifully weighed down simply by using the wooden floor for each room, including this spacious living area. This way, the airy interior design for this home can celebrate the warm atmosphere for the more comfortable living experience. As you can see, the warmth can be delivered seamlessly due to its open floor design, which can help creating the better interaction as well. See also the choice of contemporary wooden chairs to accompany the simple white dining table.

Entering the kitchen space, you can find how the warmth provided by wood element can be enjoyed even more. It is because of the wooden ceiling design that beautifully contrasts this airy interior design perfectly. As you can see, this kitchen is also designed in surprisingly minimalist style which can make the airy atmosphere overflows easily. See also how the minimalist appearance can make the wooden texture stands out perfectly, as well the refreshing green splash seen through the glass windows.

Airy Interior Design with Strong Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Another great point from this contemporary residence is the strong connection established to allow the lush greeneries outdoors as the focal element of this home interior. You can see how the green splash offered by the greeneries can make the kitchen interior feels truly refreshing. The same impression can be spotted in this minimalist bedroom as well. As you can see, despite its minimalist interior, the airy interior design for this bedroom can celebrate the truly fresh and relaxing feeling as the glass doors allow nature is outdoors invading.












Unique Home Design with Extraordinary Impression to Keep the Privacy

April 2, 2016

Entitled as Cell Brick, this unique home in Tokyo, Japan will inspire you with its irregularities. This brilliant work of Atelier Tekuto can show you the extraordinary way in preserving the privacy without neglecting the aesthetic aspect of its exterior, especially since the limited lot makes it impossible to add perimeter walls. This also influences the interior to appear stunning despite its minimalist look.

Unique Home with Unique Exterior Design Idea

Let’s start from this home exterior first. Despite its simple block shape, the unique home designs for the exterior displays the carefully arranged square windows in symmetrical way. As the windows can help the interior of this unique home in providing the natural lights, you can find how this exterior design is brilliantly done to keep this home shut from public too. It seems a great idea too since this contemporary home is exactly built by the pedestrian walkways.

Unique Home Design Displaying Functionality for Minimalist Interior

Walking into this home, the extraordinary interior is even more breathtaking. You can find easily on how the exterior design of this unique home can influence its interior easily. Besides, the result is really dramatic as well, isn’t it? The gridded details wrapping the walls and ceilings are simply exquisite, providing catchy details effortlessly. It is also thanks to the minimalist interior too. Displaying the cool monochrome color palette as part of the unique home ideas, this home interior thus benefits the great lighting effect too.

Another noticeable aspect from this home interior is the limited space available. This way, you can see that the choice of minimalist interior style becomes truly reasonable. However, the minimalist style doesn’t mean the lack of creativity and beauty aspect. Just take a look at this cool kitchen space with open bedroom on the corner. As you can see, the unique design of this contemporary home is not merely for aesthetics purpose, as this unique home can provide instant storage spaces for its wall spaces thoroughly.

adorable interior of contemporary home with grey concept and the gridded details wrapping the walls and ceilings are simply exquisite

adorable modern home with simple block shape featuring square transparent glass windows in symmetrical way with the light inside and white wall painting

amazing clean kitchen with cell brick as wall and cabinet with white wooden countertops including kitchen sink with chrome faucet

cool bedroom with single bed and red leather puffy sofa featuring cell brick as wall and windows including wall bookshelves

cool white spiral stair inside of cool contemporary home with simple block shape and square transparent glass windows featured white door

creative bathroom with white ceramic eco closet featuring unique wall for washbasin including transparent glass windows

interior of modern and minimalist kitchen with the gridded details wrapping the walls and ceilings

minimalist kitchen with cell brick as wall and cabinet with white wooden countertops including kitchen sink with chrome faucet with chrome chair and simple spiral stair

modern bathroom with ceramic bathtub featuring transparent glass wall with white door front of spiral stair

space with unique wall and waffle ceiling featuring mezzanine with clear glass as barrier and black floor

unique home design with simple block shape and square transparent glass windows in symmetrical way featuring white wall


Modern Duplex Interior Sporting Minimalist Monochrome Impression

April 1, 2016

Located in the famous and modern Tokyo, this Ravine Duplex Residence displays the stunning modern duplex interior with minimalist style. Despite its simplicity, this modern duplex celebrates the element of surprise with dramatic detail. This incredible work of Apollo Architects and Associates also benefit the unique perception due the irregular architectural design.

Cool Monochrome Color for Modern Duplex Interior

Walking into this modern residence, you will be greeted by the simple but astonishing monochrome interior. The mixture of black and incredible yet cool shades of grey in between for this modern duplex interior may appear really simple. However, the simplicity is not something to underestimate. Thanks to the great concept for this duplex design interior, this monochrome color palette can result in the totally spectacular and dramatic impression. In fact, you can also spot the gorgeous and sleek silver splash especially from the kitchen space that looks simply modern.

Incredible Modern Duplex Interior in Minimalist Style

Another striking feature of the modern duplex interior designs here is the minimalist interior. As you can see, each of available spaces is carefully and brilliantly employed for functional purpose. This idea seems to fit the use of simple monochromatic color really well, doesn’t it? Besides, each room can appear quite spacious too. What a perfect modern duplex interior design idea for smaller residence often found in a big city like Tokyo, right? This way, you shall not have to worry about the lack of space since the minimalist room can help you greatly.

Well, this duplex is also a great example of how minimalist interior can be just as fantastic as the sophisticated, vivacious one. It is all thanks to the great choice of concrete element to provide shades of cool grey in this modern residence. This way, you can find how each minimalist room can celebrate instant dramatic impression. As if it is not enough astonishing, let’s move to the TV room and find the generous use of transparent glass element. Not only providing plenty of natural light, this element also helps accentuating the irregular details with sharp lines to make this modern duplex interior even more spectacular even in simple ways.

awesome tv room with monochrome color palette concept featuring wooden cabinet and wooden table including transparent glass windows

clean kitchen with monochrome color palette concept including chrome countertop and kitchen sink with chrome faucet featuring silver built in hood

comfy family room with wooden table and wooden wall cabinets featuring monotone hues wall with spotlights

cool stair with transparent glass windows for scenic views borrowed from the surroundings

cool tv room above wooden table with combination of rectangular glass blocks sleek sash windows and skylights

cozy lounge room with black wooden wall cabinet for tv and transparent glass windows and doors featuring monochrome color palet for ceiling with downlights

gorgeous corridor with monochrome color palette featuring wooden wall cabinet and wooden floor

minimalist kitchen beside of tv room with monochrome color palette concept featuring transparent glass windows

modern duplex residence with monochrome color palette made up of a combination of rectangular glass blocks, sleek sash windows and skylights

open space in the outside of awesome tv room with transparent glass wall for indoor outdoor connection

scenic views from the surroundings seen from awesome roof balcony

small room inside of modern duplex residence with skew white wall featuring white roster partition and black door including white ceiling with downlights

tv room with wooden table an wooden wall cabinet above wooden floor featuring transparent glass element for windows in skew wall

unique modern duplex residence with monochrome color palette made up of a combination of rectangular glass blocks, sleek sash windows and skylights in day and night situation

adorable tv room with monochrome color palette concept with transparent glass for windows