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Lovely Christmas Lanterns with Glass Enclosure and Candle

December 5, 2016

Lantern is one of the important items in Christmas decorations. People often decorate their porch with beautiful lanterns during Christmas season. A porch with Christmas lanterns will look more beautiful and welcoming. However, you may decorate any sections of your home with Christmas lanterns.

The first picture shows you a small modern Christmas lantern in refreshing white color. The white Christmas lantern has glass enclosure that allows you to see its inside. You can find a white candle in the Christmas lantern. Red deer decals stick on the glass enclosure, creating a more attractive appearance. There are small holes that form star shape on the upper frame of the Christmas lantern. I’m sure that you can find such Christmas lantern easily in stores, especially during Christmas season.

The second Christmas lantern has a traditional design. The Christmas lantern comes in black color. I’m sure that the lantern is made of wrought iron. The wrought iron lantern also has glass enclosure. There is a beautiful red candle in the lantern. Small Christmas ornaments adorn the upper frame of the lantern. The small Christmas ornaments include Santa decor, balls, fake gift boxes, fake pine leaves, striped and polka dots ribbons, etc. The Christmas ornaments come in attractive red, green and white colors.

As I have said before, Christmas lantern is often used to decorate porch. The third picture shows a porch with a Christmas lantern. I think the Christmas lantern also has the traditional design. The Christmas lantern is placed on an artistic dark pot. The lantern has a white frame with glass enclosure. There is a white candle in the lantern. Beige and red fabric ribbons beautify the upper frame of the lantern. Pine leaves adorn the bottom of the Christmas lantern. There are also a few pine cones. Well, have you decorated your porch with Christmas lantern?