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Resort in Bali Encompassing the Exoticism of Nature in Soothing Vibe

January 1, 2017

Viceroy Bali Resort would be the resort in Bali perfect for you to enjoy your holidays in this Land of Gods. As this island is really famous for its beautiful and exotic natural landscape, this luxury resort Bali can provide you the truly peaceful feeling to refresh your body and mind. Nested on the ridge of Petanu River, this beautiful resort enjoys the exclusive site named as “Valley of Kings” to make the overall amenities even more amazing.

Resort in Bali with Amazing Natural Scenery

As this luxurious resort is surrounded by the beautiful and lush greeneries, it is unsurprising to see how the view is truly incredible. Thus, this resort in Bali is also wonderfully designed to create the connection and unity with nature to make the atmosphere is surely refreshing and relaxing. This way, enjoying the tropical greeneries invading your sight would be even more fantastic outdoors, while the warm sunlight will bathe your body, wrapping you in its warmth.

To maximize this totally relaxing experience, this resort in Bali provides plenty of outdoor space with swimming pools. This way, the leisure times spent outdoors can be even more refreshing! Our favorite spot of this resort in Bali with private pools is this one with the fantastic infinity pool to make the overall impression totally amazing. There is also the cozy poolside lounge with a white canopy to provide you the cozy space to relax while releasing your stressful mind away.

Exotic Natural Elements for Resort in Bali Design

Another fascinating point of this luxurious resort is the generous use of natural elements for its main material, such as wood and thatch. As if it is not exotic enough, this resort design also displays the beautiful traditional Balinese style to make the appearance really impressive. The interior of each villa itself, even though it is influenced by modern style, offers the beautiful natural materials and traditional decor to make this resort in Bali decorated properly.

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Modern Swedish Home Surrounded by Beautiful Natural Environment

April 2, 2016

This modern Swedish home will inspire you in designing the modern home without neglecting the harmony and connection with nature surroundings. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this incredible work of DAPstockholm entitled as Villa Midgard features plenty of outdoor space with pool as the cozy lounge area. The interior itself is beautifully done in Scandinavian style that features the white interior with gorgeous wooden accent for warm impression.

Modern Swedish Home with Cozy Outdoor Lounge

One of the most interesting parts of the Swedish house designs here is the cool integration between this home outdoor lounge and the nature outdoors. Just take a look at this wonderful home courtyard with outdoor swimming pool that allows the rough natural landscape popping to create the incredible texture. The greeneries surrounding this modern Swedish home also serves greatly as buffer and barrier, separating this cozy outdoor space from strangers. There is also the use of transparent glass sliding doors to connect this outdoor space with the cozy indoors.

Modern Swedish Home Displaying Warm Impression

Another notable feature of this Swedish modern home design is the comfortable, warm appearance. You can spot it easily from this modern Swedish home for its exterior design, which allows its modern architectural design looks even more beautiful and impressive. As you can see, the warm impression for this home exterior even affects the atmosphere for the cozy home courtyard. This way, it becomes unsurprising that the courtyard is such a perfect place to spend the leisure time, isn’t it?

However, the interior is also simply heartwarming, mainly due the use of wood element. Designed in beautiful Scandinavian interior style, this modern home provides the beautiful mixture of white room with gorgeous wooden accent. Just take a look at this open living room that celebrates the warmth provided by its wooden flooring. The overall amenities are even made greater due the fresh greeneries integrated indoors through the glass windows, making this modern Swedish home even more comfortable to live in.

amazing modern swedish home with wooden element for exterior featuring garage in the outside of building

astonishing modern swedish home with wonderful home courtyard with outdoor swimming pool including chaise lounge with white cushions that allows the rough natural

beautiful facade of modern swedish home with brown wood element for wall and large transparent glass windows

clean corridor with white wall and white floor in modern swedish home with spiral wooden stair

dry space of bathroom with white wall featuring large mirror and white bathroom sink including wooden table above colorful ceramic

fabulous modern swedish home with brown wood element for wall and large transparent glass windows

inspiring outdoor swimming pool with brown marble and transparent glass element beside stair to connect with first floor of modern swedish home

mesmerizing modern swedish home with large transparent glass windows including brown wood element for wall and plenty of outdoor space with pool as the cozy lounge area

outstanding kitchen with wooden countertop including kitchen sink with wooden dinning table and black chairs above white floor

wonderful home courtyard with outdoor swimming pool that allows the rough natural landscape popping

adorable modern swedish home with wood element for wall and transparent glass for large windows features plenty of outdoor space

alluring living room in modern swedish home with black sofa and white sofa set above wooden floor and white rug featuring fireplace with white hood and transparent glass windows