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Cozy Home Design with Comfortable Feeling Indoors and Outdoors

January 1, 2017

Named as Calistoga Residence, this cozy home design is brilliantly done by Strening Architects. Located in Calistoga, Napa County, California, this modern home will offer you a great living experience, both indoors and outdoors. This modern cozy home design does not hesitate to create a connection with the beautiful nature surrounding as well, thus creating a harmony to enhance the amenities.

Cozy Home Design with Open Living Area

It is undoubtedly hard to resist the comfort and charm provided by the cozy living area, which is designed in open interior. Rather than creating the boundaries using the thick walls, this cozy home design allows this space connected with natural environment beautifully. To emphasize this harmony and connection, you can also find the use of stone brick with incredible natural texture as part of this living area design, which matches the wooden floor and ceiling perfectly.

Looking at this living area, you can see how this can be a great place to gather during the beautiful sunny days of summer times. The open plan design itself can create the better interaction and connection, making this even more perfect as social and gathering space. It is also because of how the cozy home design for this social room also includes the open kitchen and dining space to provide you different dining experience as you can enjoy the great mountains view from here as well.

Cozy Home Design with Bright and Warm Interior

Entering this modern home, you can find how this cozy home interior design can provide a great ambiance too. Contrasting the living area outdoors, the modern interior for this home prefers the bright impression due to the white walls and ceiling space. However, you can also find how this home interior also offers the comforting warm atmosphere simply by employing the wooden accent, especially for the flooring design. Bright and fresh, this cozy home design is truly comfortable to live in.


Modern Wooden Home with Beautiful and Bright Interior Design

April 2, 2016

This beautiful modern wooden home is wonderfully designed by Leroy Street Studio. The wooden house design for this one is a great example on how wood element is not only great for traditional style. Nested in Long Island, New York, this modern home is surrounded by lovely natural scenery with meadows and beautiful flowers on its garden to make this home exterior certainly fascinating.

Modern Wooden Home with Cozy Outdoor Space

Even though this home facade creates the impression as if it is shut from public, the other side displays the openness which can help this modern wooden house to create the even more comfortable feeling. In fact, this modern wooden home named as Bay House is also brilliantly done to provide plenty of cozy outdoor spaces. Let’s just go to this beautiful wooden deck that provides you the undisrupted view to please your eyes. To make the leisure times spent here even more amazing, this outdoor space is also designed to create the total comfort for each of its lounge areas.

Modern Wooden Home with Beautiful and Open Interior

Walking into this home, you will find how the interior is brilliantly done to celebrate the natural view as well. This is done by creating the open interior by employing the glass walls. Just take a look at this beautiful small dining space. This way, you can see how the beautiful lake outdoors with green meadow can provide a great view to make your afternoon tea time spent here even more relaxing. The interior of this modern wooden home for this space itself also provides the warm atmosphere by employing the beautiful wooden dining set which can help enhancing the comfort.

Moving to the living room, we are sure that you will like the choice of beautiful beige rug to comfort your feet while spending times here. The glass walls for this space also help integrating the outdoor view indoors while connecting this room with the cozy lounge outdoors. See also the choice of stunning and modern furniture for this room, which can provide this modern wooden home with gorgeous elegant impression.

part of cool wooden home with wooden stair along with wooden ceiling plus wooden walls with transparent glass windows

adorable living room with white sofa set and beautiful beige rug transparent glass element for indoor outdoor connection with bay view

adorable rectangular wooden home design with glass windows and wooden stair

beautiful modern wooden home with surrounded by lovely natural scenery with meadows and beautiful flowers on its garden

beautiful small dining space with wooden dining table set and transparent glass element for indoor outdoor connection with bay view

comfy outdoor lounge space with wooden chairs and white cushions along with circle wooden table wooden floor

cool workspace with wooden floor and wooden workbench black office chair and wooden wall cabinet with transparent glass window for bay view

cozy lounge space at the wooden home with wooden chairs and circle wooden table wooden floor and wooden ceiling along with rectangular jacuzzi beautiful bay view

part of amazing wooden home with natural stone floor