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Airy Interior Design for Contemporary Home with Greeneries Surrounding

November 8, 2016

Bates Masi Architects has done working on this contemporary residence with airy interior design. Entitled as Qual Hill House, the airy room interior design of this home is done simply by using the white paint color generously for each room. However, the airy atmosphere is also created by establishing the connection between indoors and outdoors through the use of plenty of transparent glass element to allow the refreshing green nature surrounding incorporated indoors.

Spacious Airy Interior Design with Warm Wooden Flooring

Let’s explore this contemporary home that is located in Amagansett, New York. Walking into this home, you can find how its light, airy interior design is beautifully weighed down simply by using the wooden floor for each room, including this spacious living area. This way, the airy interior design for this home can celebrate the warm atmosphere for the more comfortable living experience. As you can see, the warmth can be delivered seamlessly due to its open floor design, which can help creating the better interaction as well. See also the choice of contemporary wooden chairs to accompany the simple white dining table.

Entering the kitchen space, you can find how the warmth provided by wood element can be enjoyed even more. It is because of the wooden ceiling design that beautifully contrasts this airy interior design perfectly. As you can see, this kitchen is also designed in surprisingly minimalist style which can make the airy atmosphere overflows easily. See also how the minimalist appearance can make the wooden texture stands out perfectly, as well the refreshing green splash seen through the glass windows.

Airy Interior Design with Strong Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Another great point from this contemporary residence is the strong connection established to allow the lush greeneries outdoors as the focal element of this home interior. You can see how the green splash offered by the greeneries can make the kitchen interior feels truly refreshing. The same impression can be spotted in this minimalist bedroom as well. As you can see, despite its minimalist interior, the airy interior design for this bedroom can celebrate the truly fresh and relaxing feeling as the glass doors allow nature is outdoors invading.











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Wood House Design: a Challenge for Restoring Classical Residence

April 8, 2016

This wood house design that we are about to see is the restoration product from a very old house. The original house was built on 1960s. Nowadays, the owner wants some change towards the classical house. Therefore, he hired Elias Rizo Arquitectos for renovating the house and adding several essentials for accommodating the needs of modern family life. The house itself is called the Casa Ro. It is located in Jalisco, Mexico.

Floor Plans of Wood House Design

We are going to assess the wood house design plans before moving inside the house. This wood house design is comprised of two story. The first floor accommodates the outdoors, living, dining, and the kitchen. Its front part is quite spacious since it could take up to four cars in one time. Moving upstairs to the second floor, we can see that the house is equipped with a family room, one master bedroom and one additional bedroom. Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

Wood House Design Beautiful Outdoors

The architects want to sustain the natural impression possessed by the old wood house design. Therefore, it builds a great outdoor for the residents. The modern wood house design plans consists of a spacious outdoor dining and outdoor living. The former has a long wooden table as surrounded by chairs and bench. Meanwhile, the latter has a small seating area with comfortable sofa and a tiny coffee table. Wooden decorations in the form of dried logs are placed in this area too.

The backyard would also spoil the residents with the modern lap pool. You can enjoy beautiful green grass from the outdoor spaces too. It has low wooden ceiling which brings you even closer to the nature. The sofa is supported with unfurnished wooden materials. There also is a long table where you can put your favorite books or tea cups on. Such wood house design show that renovation shall not only mean to erase the memories.

amazing contemporary house exterior design with pool connected to outdoor dining living and green garden

awesome contemporary house design with pool accessed from private sitting at the second floor with glass fencing

beautiful rectangular outdoor pool of contemporary house with decorative lighting under water completed with green landscape

chic outdoor dining room of contemporary house with rustic rendering of furnishing idea with long wooden table and seating

comfy outdoor living room of contemporary house situated toward green landscape furnished with wooden seating units and black benches

cool living room of contemporary house with grey sectional sofa combined with sleek black coffee table with decorative greens and bowl

cozy outdoor dining area of contemporary house furnished with sleek wooden furniture standing on concrete tile flooring

extraordinary dining room of contemporary house furnishing with black rectangular wooden table featured with stylish wooden chairs

inspiring contemporary house exterior design with cut logs and gravels added for outdoor dining and pool decor

mesmerizing natural decor in rustic style for contemporary house represented with cut logs added at outdoor dining area

stunning contemporary house interior design in smart integration of modern and rustic rendering in perfect minimalism

wonderful logs displayed as contemporary house interior decor working with sleek wooden wall and cabinet


Wooden Interior of a Portuguese House with Greeneries View

March 21, 2016

A beautiful house has wooden interior combined with gray concrete walls. Castanheira & Bastai Arquitectos Associados from Vila Nova de Gaia has designed and completed this house named House in Madalena in 2008. The result of this house project is very captivating supported by greeneries surrounding. It is located in Madalena, Porto, Portugal. As a Portuguese house, it has contemporary building architecture that people will admire.

Wooden Interior Seen from House Facade

The landscape view of this house building gives us the look of wooden interior framed by concrete walls. Green grasses are planted covering the front yard. A small path made of concrete material is using as the way to step on. The house entry gives us little bit of wooden interior design that makes us curious to see more by getting inside the house.

Wooden Interior and Exterior with Charming Look

The garage of this house also has wooden interior in simple design. Not only the interior but also the house exterior is combining wooden and concrete material in creating balance atmosphere. It looks like a lodge rather than a house since it is very fresh supported by green grasses and tall trees planted surrounding all over. Inside of this house we will find interior constructed by wooden materials. Wooden ceiling with varnished ceiling beams look very pretty. A set of maroon sectional sofa is available in the living room with an indoor fireplace.

A unique wooden staircase is used as the way to reach upper and lower level of this house. Wooden walls made of wooden panels are very elegant accompanied with white concrete wall. The floor concept is using patterned stone floors. These wooden interior design photos are so lovely and inspiring. It will be such a good idea to apply wooden interior into our house since the look of it is very captivating.

adorable wooden staircase of modern house decorated with stunning woods material and used to reach the loft

amazing house in madalena design dominated with alluring glass windows and surrounded with fresh grassy spot

awesome backside of house in madalena design fulfilled with glass windows combined with wooden panel and flat rooftop

breathtaking bathroom of house in madalena design completed with modern bathroom sinks and glamour white bathtub

charming space of house in madalena design with wooden ceiling and classic ceramic combined with wooden chairs and table

cool area of house in madalena design with classic ceramic floor and beautified with amazing glass windows

fabulous wooden interior doors with wooden door and ceiling also beautified with grey ceramic floor

fantastic family room of house in madalena design with ceramic floor and filled with luxurious sofa and television

inspiring living room of house in madalena design dominated with glass windows and orange sofa and unique small table

magnificent house in madalena design with square form and grey exterior decoration also completed with grassy area

personable house in portugal design completed with spacious garage and beautified with glass windows combined with wooden panel

pretty bedroom of house in madalena design with wooden wall panels interior design also glass windows and completed with double bed combined with pillows

stunning wooden interior walls with concrete and wooden wall also beautified with well lightings system

sweet interior of house in madalena design dominated with woods and concrete material giving effect like traditional dwelling

winning house in madalena design at night protected with alluring fence and beautified with natural background

wonderful house in madalena design at night brightened with lightings system and protected with wooden and concrete fence


Modest Menards Ceiling Fans for Various Rooms to Add Comfort at Home

February 9, 2016

Simple but cool Menards ceiling fans can beautify your home in instant. Various colors that are presented can match any themes of your rooms and for clearer examples let’s take a look at some pictures. The first one has an ordinary dark ceiling fan attached on white ceiling. The fan has 5 propellers with a single rounded light in the middle of it. This kind of fan can match simple living room in any designs.

Next is a blue ceiling fan. Its strong color mixed very well with the bright ceiling above. Just like the previous fan, this one also has 5 propellers. But the Menards lighting ceiling fans design here use built-in bulbs in light shades which are amazing. Its 4 shades spread to 4 different points, try to enlighten the entire corner of your room. Compare with the next photo with lots of ceiling fan. The black ceiling fans there have shorter propellers and a single centered light. Arranged in tracks like this, the fans will be perfect to be placed in large ball room.

Another outdated ceiling fan in another photo presents beauty through old design. The white ceiling fan has gold linings and is supported by 4 attached lightings. The light shades are also colored in white with a little touch of yellowish gold. This one will be cool to be collaborated with traditional living room furnishing or a rustic bedroom of your house.

A no less interesting is the wooden ceiling fan in the last photo. The wooden propellers have carved surface, supported by brown cantilevers. No lightings are attached, means you need to prepare your own lamps around the area. Its wooden ceiling matches very well with the fan. You can have this in your modern rooms with any types of furnishing that you like. But if you need to have the Menards light kits for ceiling fans, you can get one that fits you the most later.

appealing menards ceiling fans design made of wood and metal installed on white ceiling

astonishing wooden ceiling which is completed with gorgeous menards ceiling fans

awesome menards ceiling fans installed on concrete ceiling that designed with modern style

captivating design of menards ceiling fans designed in luxury style on wooden ceiling

creative ideas to make menards ceiling fans which is designed with leaf shape and cream color

cute style of menards ceiling fans that painted in chic blue on concrete ceiling

fabulous menards ceiling fans designed in simple style and made of metal also wood elements

glorious lamps which is created on menards ceiling fans and painted in cool white

small space of kitchen installd on tiled flooring completed with beautiful menards ceiling fans

wonderful menards ceiling fans designed in creative and modern style which is painted in dark color