Unique Apartment Interior with Creative Retro and Steampunk Theme

June 21, 2016

Today, we will take you to see this cool and unique apartment interior in steampunk elements. This style will be mostly considered by gamers, such as BioShock and some series from Final Fantasy, making this apartment interior design as a great inspiration for its fans. Located in Chelsea, New York, this apartment displays the cool and creative apartment interior decorating to make this style even more appealing.

Unique Apartment Interior with Iconic Lighting Feature

Stepping inside this steampunk apartment, you can find the elements of retro industrial style to make its interior simply amazing and dramatic. As you can see, this unique apartment interior with a theme makes your life certainly extraordinary, doesn’t it? Looking at the apartment interior pictures you find here; you can find this cool large lighting feature for the incredible yet cozy kitchen space. Forming the shape of a Zeppelin, this 32-foot lighting is brilliantly designed to mimic the shape of Zeppelin with the programmable lighting system. Not only providing artificial light, see how this piece can provide a drastic change in this room!

Dramatic Decorating Design for Unique Apartment Interior

Another striking point of this wonderful apartment is its cool decorating design. As you can see before, the Zeppelin lighting already serves as a great example for this apartment decoration idea. However, that is not the only thing making this apartment totally amazing. On the kitchen space, you can find the stunning wooden round table which can serve greatly as an additional working surface. Besides, don’t you think that the table can make this unique apartment interior even more incredible with its retro appearance?

See also the decorative accessories to make every room simply fantastic. You can find the cool decor in retro industrial style, especially in this living room. Just take a look at the wall space where the TV is mounted. There, it is undoubtedly easy to spot the ductwork with machine-shaped decor to emphasize this apartment interior theme perfectly. However, our most favorite decoration design for this unique apartment interior is in the bedroom, which can make any bedtime feels incredibly adventurous!

before and after unique apartment interior design

chic modern bathroom with marble tile flooring

cool bedroom interior design with steampunk and retro industrial style

family room with black leather sofa and yellow round coffee table in unique apartment interior design

kitchen interior design with Stainless steel countertop and kitchen hood also retro industrial style

nice bathroom with shower room in retro industrial style and steampunk

rooftop of apartment with wooden floor surrounding by greeneries

unique kitchen ideas with Stainless steel countertop combine with round table in steampunk theme

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