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Unique Home Design: When Architects Create Their Own Private Residence

April 9, 2016

The following unique home design belongs to an architect. Undoubtedly, the house has beautiful and exceptional design you would never find in any other houses. This belongs to Richard Paxton, a well-known architect in London. The house itself if is located in Hampstead Village, North London, United Kingdom. Since it is located at the Gayton Road, it is therefore called the Gayton Road residence. The purpose of building the house is to accommodate the needs of the Paxton family and households.

Semi Outdoor Living in Unique Home Design

Let’s begin our observation in this awesome houses by looking at the living room. This part of the house has a semi-outdoor living. The seating area is decorated with beautiful white sofa. In terms of flooring, it uses a ceramic tile. The exceptional feature on this unique house design ideas lay on the retractable roof. You could open the roof with electrical power. By then, you could get even more natural light shining upon your house.

Indoor Lap Pool for Unique Home Design

Aside of the convertible roof above the living area, this unique home design is also equipped with an indoor lap pool. This pool in this unique home interior design ideas is like no other since it is covered entirely by glass panel. Therefore, the residents could see it through every part of the house. Unfortunately, the pool is not wide enough to accommodate more than a single person. While swimming, the residents could enjoy their favorite telly show as it is also equipped with a television on one of its end.

Moving to the bedroom, we would notice that the bedroom design has a transparent facade. The glass materials is equipped with blinds in order to keep the residents’ privacy. In terms of flooring, the architect uses white ceramic tile. The room is enlightened by ceiling integrated lamp which is placed above the beds. The futuristic house plans also has a wall mounted surface on top of the bed.

extraordinary living room design with bright interior include white sofa and planters decoration also glass wall and panel on the ceiling with tiles floor

living room of unique home design with open design concept include white sofa on a bright interior with large glass panel on the ceiling also wooden bookshelf on the wall

amazing indoor swimming pool near modern living room with white sofa in front of wooden bookshelf with integrated door

awesome kitchen design of unique home with wooden cabinet and modern tools near the dining room with glass table and glass stool with high ceiling and tiles floor

beautiful indoor lap pool covered entirely by glass panel also metal staircase with planter and much natural light from the opened roof

beautiful purple light decoration light up the indoor lap pool and living room of unique home design

comfy bedroom design of unique house with transparent facade include large bed and black relaxing lounge and rounded skylight ceiling for natural light

cool dining room with rounded glass glossy table and glass chairs completed with large glass windows also door in much natural light

cool interior of unique home with glass elements for walls and door on an open floor house with planter decoration and bright natural light

cozy media room located at basement of unique home with grey sofa on warm rug enlightened by ceiling lamp

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