Vacation Home among the Expensive Forest and Suitable for Refreshing on Holiday

March 17, 2016

An expansive area which covered with large trees is completed with vacation home design in Apple Bay. From a distance the house is hidden and it will be surprised. Actually a modern architecture with natural environment is great as it seen here. This creative residence is created by Parsonson Architects with contemporary design ideas.

In a large areas with bordered with greenish environment and then quiet lake under it is complete. The sloped roof design is matches with the building design. For those who like to climb this surrounding area is suitable. The modern vacation home can be very peaceful because it is stand alone in the large forest. You can see on this building closer that it has comfortable backside. Indeed that the vacation home plans often built close to the lake or mountain. The wooden exterior and white color schemes make the look awesome. The dark wood texture looks really old perhaps those are oak. There is also timbered sidewalk pavers and located in the middle of the two buildings.

For some people, the white color is neutral and easy to blend with others, so that’ s why this color is chosen. The vacation home kitchen can be reached from the backyard through the black door. The long granite countertop is elegant and mixed with stylish barstools. If the guest wants to make a romantic dinner they can realize it on the balcony. There is a stylish white dining chairs and opened view outside. With the sliding glass door it can be shown and hide. Perhaps it serves complete facilities than other vacation home rentals in the same location.

The mini library with black wooden bookshelves is very cool. Afore it the family room with modern fireplace and armless chair is cozy. The spacious room inside this vacation home is utilized without room divider.

astonishing home construction view captured from the top with sloped roof and glass windows being in the mid of beautiful forest

attractive and cool balcony with slide glass door and stylish white dinning chairs also beautiful lake as a background

beauteous and exotic dinning room completed with stylish kitchen chairs also portable refrigerator and unique sofa featuring the pillows

charming and classic timbered sidewalk pavers between two main beautiful vacation homes

enchanting red billiard table completed with two unique chairs besides the exotic dinning room

exciting balcony limited with slide glass door and completed with stylish white dinning chairs and opened view outside

extraordinary and contemporary vacation home with greenish environment in the centre of forest beautified with quiet lake under it

mesmerizing vacation home kitchen design with a set of chrome kitchen counter and the elegant wooden cabinet above also black door connecting with backyard

one of pretty home side captured from the balcony showed the awesome quiet lake and the natural hill

outstanding family room filled with mini library with black wooden bookcase and armless chair on the wooden floor covered with stylish rug

remarkable vacation home design view in the centre of large trees completed with glass windows and sloped roof

surprising mini library completed with black wooden bookcase and full of many variants book

wonderful home view captured from one of side with large forest background

amazing and modern vacation home design with natural environment in the middle of large trees

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