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White Exterior Design of Oberen Berg House with Wonderful Porch

April 13, 2016

Sometimes, white exterior design will be one of the choices in designing great living space. The design in this case is realized as well as two-story home design. This contemporary house was designed by Alexander Brenner Architects as Oberen Berg House and had been finished in 2007. That Stuttgart-based studio realized the contemporary home in Stuttgart, Germany with wonderful porch design. How can it be? Please look at the pictures in following post.

Fascinating White Exterior Designas Two-Story House with Glass Windows

Some ideas that are related to the white exterior design in this article are showed in the mages. The first design confirms about the two-story building seen from the street. It is situated in white concrete material design of the all and combined well with the glass windows. The street reaching designed in asphalt crosses the sloping lawn. Besides the white wall, for some sides, they are also well constructed in black wall exterior. It exists in the foundation block. When seen form the distances, we will get white building with white house exterior design in wonderful greenery as porch area.

Picturesque White Exterior Design on Green Hilltop Outdoor Design

In some cases, the building with white exterior design can be well stylized easily. As here, the porch is designed in picturesque located on the hilltop. There is outdoor swimming pool that is designed in rectangular shape with wooden deck design. Besides, the wooden deck is also designed along the terrace in order to be great foundation. Form those places; we can enjoy picturesque landscape area in natural greenery. The exterior home design with this situation becomes a great choice to inspire us.

Some people that choose this kind of house can be specified with the natural case. Yeah, this house on the hilltop can be one of the relaxing and comfortable living space after having big jobs. We can get astonishing nuance based on white exterior design that is applied in wonderful area.

interesting oberen berg house design captured from behind completed with exotic rectangular outdoor swimming pool and green grassland surrounding the house

magnificent space of oberen berg house design with white colour nuance completed with large glass window and with stair to reach second floor

marvellous oberen berg house design with white concrete material and with large glass windows also with the sloping lawn covering half of house

mesmerizing construction of oberen berg house with black wall exterior combined with the sloping lawn

outstanding living room of oberen berg house design with grey ceramic completed with elegant brown sofa on the rug

outstanding oberen berg house dominated large glass windows and with white exterior design

prepossessing area of oberen berg house design dominated with grey ceramic floor and with huge glass window

wonderful large glass window of oberen berg house design to allow sun light inside and to enjoy picturesque landscape area in natural greenery

astonishing oberen berg house design at the night beautified with orange lamps light also wonderful swimming pool with fresh green water

breathtaking wooden deck of oberen berg house design made along terrace in order to be great foundation

captivating outdoor swimming pool design of oberen berg house beautified with picturesque landscape area in natural greenery background

contemporary and modern kitchen of oberen berg house design completed with big table with thick glass on the topside and three unique iron chairs also with kitchen sinks

extraordinary oberen berg house design accentuating white exterior design blending with natural greenery looked so beautiful

formal beauteous family room of oberen berg house design beautified with unique brown armless chair and wooden table on the rug also with lilly plant decoration

good looking dinning room of oberen berg house design filled with long blonde wooden table and elegant brown chairs also with some fruits on the table

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